WWE Champion Daniel Bryan Unveils Sustainable Hemp-Based Belt

The belt is made from sustainable materials, vegan-, cruelty- and blood diamond-free.




@bryanldanielson unveiled the “NEW” eco-friendly #WWEChampionship design on #SDLive!

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When reigning champ Daniel Bryan vowed to “change the climate” of SmackDown Live, he was being very literal. At this week's SmackDown Live, Bryan debuted a hemp-based WWE championship belt. Yes, you read that correctly: the belt is made of hemp.

After revealing his new vegan championship, Bryan threw the belt in a trashcan.

Bryan said at the event, “"A victory for me is a victory for every sentient being on earth because... I am the planet’s champion!"

The old WWE championship belts were made from leather, while this new belt is made of 100 percent sustainable organic hemp and carved from a naturally-fallen oak, according to the BBC.

This move from Bryan should come as no surprise. An outspoken environmental advocate, Bryan recently tweeted against Chase Field’s newest burger inspired by the Royal Rumble.

Fans and commentators, online, jumped to Bryan’s defense and supported his eco-conscious vision for the WWE across Twitter.


Daniel Bryan will have to defend his new hemp belt against WWE superstars inside the Elimination Chamber, and the last fighter standing will be the reigning WWE champ.

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