At this point, you’d think we’ve seen everything Braun Strowman is capable of. But on Monday night’s episode of Raw, Strowman’s feats of strength even seemed to shock his opponent.

In the lead-up to Money in the Bank, Strowman took on fan-favorite Bobby Roode in a 1-on-1 bout. Before the match, Roode said in an interview that he was willing to use every trick in the book to take down Strowman—and he lived up to his word, taking a metal ladder out of the bottom of the ring and setting it up in an attempt to slam Strowman into it.

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Instead, Strowman snapped the ladder in half.

Roode appeared in genuine disbelief. (At one point, he visibly mouthed “Oh my God.”) With Roode cornered, Strowman landed a Running Powerslam on him for the victory.


Meanwhile, the feud between Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey intensified.

This week, Jax faced off against Rousey’s best friend (and former champion herself) Natalya. While the match started fast and furious, Natalya seemed suffer an injury after vaulting over Jax, leaving her limping in the ring. Seeing an opportunity, Jax delivered a devastating Samoan Drop to win the match.


Afterward, with Natalya was apparently too injured to even leave the ring, Rousey rushed in to help her friend, refused Jax’s offer to help. Later in the night, Jax appeared to be genuinely sorry for the incident, but Rousey wasn’t convinced:


If there’s one thing we know about Ronda Rousey, it’s this: Once she sets her sights on you, she’s not going to let go. Her match against Jax at Money in the Bank won’t be one to miss.

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