For a universal champion, Brock Lesnar doesn’t show up to WWE events very often.

On Raw this week, Universal Championship contender Roman Reigns started the show by pointing out that Lesnar seems more interested in his upcoming UFC match than the WWE Universe.

While Lesnar’s “advocate” Paul Heyman arrived to belittle Reigns, Lesnar was suspiciously nowhere to be found. Heyman explained that while Lesnar was in the arena, he had no interest in going out into the ring.

With Brock Lesnar advertised as the main event of this week’s Raw, general manager Kurt Angle was fed up with Lesnar’s stubbornness and gave Heyman an ultimatum: If Lesnar didn’t show up in the ring Monday night, Heyman would be fired on the spot.

Heyman tried his best to appeal to Lesnar, but it appeared to be completely ineffective. Despite their years-long partnership, Lesnar had zero interest in Heyman’s pleas and made it abundantly clear that he just wanted to be left alone.

As Monday’s Raw came to a close, Lesnar was nowhere to be found and Angle was furious at Heyman for failing to follow through on his promises. Heyman could do nothing but try to explain to Angle that Lesnar can’t be reasoned with.

But when all hope seemed lost, Lesnar appeared—and he wasn’t happy.

First, Lesnar went face-to-face with Angle and delivered a devastating F5 to the general manager. But as Heyman chered him on, Lesnar grabbed Heyman and nearly choked him.

It appears “The Beast” will be going into Summerslam without any allies. While Lesnar has defeated Roman Reigns before, his lack of recent in-ring experience may give Reigns the advantage he needs.

Summerslam will air live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on August 19 only on the WWE Network.