Victory in each of WWE’s Royal Rumble contests sets up a wrestler for a prime spot in WWE’s biggest event of the year: WrestleMania. Royal Rumble is an awesomely efficient spectacle with one simple premise: The winner is the last person standing after the other 29 competitors have been thrown over the top rope and outside of the ring.

And this year the show is a two-for-one package—for the first time ever WWE will host a separate Rumble match for men and women.

And while we know the favorites, superstars like Nia Jax, Randy Orton, Naomi, and Bray Wyatt should never be counted out. Here’s one thing we know for sure: The 30th anniversary of the Royal Rumble promises to be epic. With battle lines drawn and the highest of stakes, who will shine this Sunday in Philadelphia?

Here’s what we’ll be watching for on January 28.

Catch the 30th annual Royal Rumble, live on the WWE Network on Sunday, January 28.