Kane and Daniel Bryan are far from the best of friends, but it’s hard to argue with results.

Last week, the duo had their first match in five years and made short work of former tag team champions The Usos. This Sunday at Extreme Rules, “Team Hell No” is poised to take on The Bludgeon Brothers for their own chance at the belt.

In the lead-up to Extreme Rules, Bryan and Kane were interviewed by The Miz on his “MizTV” segment. It was immediately clear, however, that the interview was really just an opportunity for Miz to unleash a tirade against Bryan and claim that he’s hiding behind Kane because he can’t face him one-on-one anymore. Kane silenced The Miz with a chokehold, then the segment was interrupted by The Bludgeon Brothers, Harper and Rowan.

Soon after the Brothers made their appearance, former NXT tag team champions SAnitY came in to help Harper and Rowan take down Kane and Bryan. But Team Hell No got an assist from The New Day, who still hold a grudge against SAnitY for ruining their pancake-eating contest last week.

Smackdown General Manager Paige put an end to the chaos to announce the main event of the evening: a massive 10-man tag team match with Team Hell No and The New Day facing off against SAnitY and The Bludgeon Brothers.

The actual match was about as explosive as you’d imagine a match with ten superstars to turn out. While both the Brothers and SAnitY intimidated with their physical strength, both Team Hell No and The New Day were able to fight back. With Big E and Kofi Kingston taking out Harper, Bryan was able to pin Eric Young for the win.

Will Kane and Bryan be able to keep their uneasy alliance alive long enough to win the Smackdown Tag Team Belt? We’ll find out on Sunday.

Extreme Rules airs live from Pittsburgh this Sunday, July 15, on the WWE Network.