If Glenn Jacobs—better known to his fans as Kane—has his way, he’ll be representing a whole new demographic in the years ahead. The current WWE superstar and former WWF champion has decided to take his talents to Knox County, TN, where he is currently running for mayor. 

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Followers of professional wrestling know that Kane isn’t the first WWE superstar to test the political waters. Others who have set foot inside the squared circle have also found success in government positions—the most notable being Jesse “The Body” Ventura, who stunned the political world with his surprising, victorious 1998 run for Governor of Minnesota. And like Kane, Ventura started out by running for mayor, where he upset the 25-year incumbent to land the job representing the good folks of Brooklyn Park, MN. 

Will Kane experience similar success on his quest to hold office? Time will tell, but judging from his passion for the people of Knox County and determination to get things done, it looks like Jacobs has a great shot to become the county’s next mayor.

Jacobs just recently released his initial campaign video. Unfortunately, it doesn’t involve any choke holds or body slams—just praise for the community he wants to represent and promises of greater transparency, new jobs, and lower taxes. He even quotes former President Ronald Reagan. All of which are things that his constituents want to hear, no doubt, but would it hurt him to perform just one sidewalk slam on an unsuspecting passerby?

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