WWE Superstars Continue to Lampoon The '80s in Season 2 of 'Southpaw Regional Wrestling'

Watch Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, and more in the lead up to "Showdown at the Swamp."

Lance Catamaran (John Cena) and Chet Chetterfield (Fandango) are back, along with a host of new faces.

WWE revealed today that it has "discovered" a new series of tapes from "Southpaw Regional Wrestling," a supposedly obscure wrestling promotion from the '80s.

Of course, the true nature of "Southpaw" is that it's a parody of the local access TV wrestling shows of yore, allowing WWE superstars to portray a variety of ridiculous  and over-the-top personas.

Set months prior to the original "tapings" released a few months ago, these new episodes see the return of Catamaran and the beleaguered Chetterfield as Southpaw's hosts, as well as the directionally impaired tag-team of Tex Ferguson (Luke Gallows) and Chadd 2 Badd (Karl Anderson).

However, there's also a number of new superstars: Seth Rollins does his best Randy Savage alongside Rhyno as "The Butchers," AJ Styles is determined to sell station wagons (the cars of the future!) as Malibu Al, and The New Day are...well, let's just say that the '80s were a different time.

Watch the rest of the new season of "Southpaw Regional Wrestling" below: