It might seem like this story was scripted by Hollywood, but this amazing event actually took place in real life when former WWE star Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters went into beast mode to save his mother’s life. According to reports, an unhinged neighbor somehow managed to barricade himself and Masters’ mom inside her Los Angeles home, threatening to burn it down along with its occupants. 

Alerted to the situation by a relative, “The Masterpiece” quickly showed up at the scene where he immediately called the police. However, as soon as law enforcement arrived, the deranged neighbor started a fire inside the house. Realizing his eldery mom was in serious danger, Masters literally took things into his own hands and did what any good 6 ft 4, 265 lb. son would do. Using his incredible strength, he reportedly ripped a tree from its roots and heaved it through a window where his mom was trapped inside. He then reached in and pulled the frightened woman to safety before the flames could get to her.

So what happend to the guy who set the fire you ask? Well, the police were able to apprehend him, but not before “The Masterpiece” apparently got to him first, where he was able to enforce some of his own justice. 

Check out the clip below for more on the alleged details: