All athletes and gym rats have a weak side — whether because of an injury or just because they use one side of their body more often than the other. It’s important to address those lagging areas to make sure your physique is symmetrical and your strength is balanced.

That’s where people like metabolic trainer and former professional athlete Funk Roberts comes in. Roberts, a certified kettlebell specialist and trainer to hundreds of mixed martial artists, has developed this single-kettlebell routine that works both sides of your body, one side at a time.

“We’re going to overload one side, then we’re going to load back up the other to make sure we get that balance,” Funk explains in his latest Instagram Live workout on the Muscle & Fitness page.

In this 20-minute routine, Funk does five minutes of work on the right side before hitting the left with the same exact moves. Once he’s done with the left, he goes back to the right for another round then finishes the regimen on the left.

“Using the same arm for a variety of exercises without changing hands will really overload the shoulder and other stabilizing muscles,” he explains.

For this routine, you just need one kettlebell, but you can use more if you have them (Funk changes weights depending on the exercise). You’ll be doing each move for 40 seconds, resting for 20, then going straight into the next one.

This routine is fighter-approved, and will have you looking like a fitness model in no time.

  • 1. KB Swings to Snatch (R)
  • 2. KB Hollow Hold Chest Press (R)
  • 3. KB Clean and Press (R)
  • 4. KB Goblet Lunge and Squat (R)
  • 5. KB Rows (R)
  • 6. KB Swings to Snatch (L)
  • 7. KB Hollow Hold Chest Press (L)
  • 8. KB Clean and Press (L)
  • 9. KB Goblet Lunge and Squat (L)
  • 10. KB Rows (L)