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The Rock Shares Trap Workout Video

Dwayne Johnson needs strong shoulders to bear the weight of portraying Hercules.

The Rock Shares Trap Workout Video

As The Rock continues to shoot Hercules, The Thracian Wars, his dedication to being in monstrous shape is as sharp as ever, as his latest trap workout video shows:

Here are the details—serious and funny, just like his recent back workout from Budapest—The Rock posted about the workout:

"The Key to Monster Traps. 4 sets. 20 reps. Last set a drop set 2xs. Full controlled reps w/ squeeze at the top. * Then shout "FOCUS" to someone followed with the gaze of death. Be intense. Be hungry. Be prepared to get kicked outta the gym. #TrapThuggin #FOCUS #ChicksDigBullNecks (the ones I meet do at least;)"

The Rock knows he has to be in peak condition to play the part of Hercules, and everyting about this movie seems epic, from his rigorous training to these impressive shots from the set:

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