What happens when you combine strategic training, clean dieting, and unique genetics? In Sadik Hadzovic’s case, you get broad shoulders, massive arms and pecs, and a shockingly tiny waist. This fitness model and pro physique competitor placed fourth at the inaugural Men’s Physique Showdown at the 2013 Olympia and has two professional titles under his belt. Going into the Olympia, Hadzovic knew how to take his physique to the next level.

“I wanted to make sure that I came out onstage very symmetrical and proportionate,” Hadzovic says. “I didn’t want to have any dominating body parts so I had to really focus on bringing in an athletic look.”

Hadzovic claims his arms have overpowered his back or shoulders at previous shows so he worked on upper-body connector muscles that assist in standing straight and correcting posture in order to achieve a balanced physique. One aspect of his aesthetic physique that never changes: his 28-inch waist.

“Whether I am 190 pounds or 240 pounds, my waist is still tiny,” Hadzovic says. “Training, diet, and genetics are factors that contribute to that.”

Train Like An Athlete

Throughout the year, Hadzovic lifts weights at least five days a week with the weight increasing and reps decreasing a month before competition. Rest periods went from 45 seconds at 16 weeks before the Olympia, to 30 seconds 10 weeks out, then 25 seconds four weeks out.

To help maintain a scant 3.5% body fat, Hadzovic does fasted cardio every morning, using one-minute sprint-rest intervals on a treadmill and StairMaster, and burpee box jumps.

During the off-season, he eats about 4,200 calories. Prior to a competition, however, he consumes about 3,400 from sources like steak, egg whites, chicken, fish, sweet potatoes, rice, oatmeal, asparagus, broccoli, almonds, and olive oil, lowering carbs while upping fats and protein.

Hadzovic’s best piece of competition training advice: Train like an athlete to look like one. “You want to have an athletic, more agile look, like a guy that can run around a track or do 30 straight pull-ups—and in order to look like that, you’re going to have to be doing those things.”


Age: 26

Height: 5′ 11″

Weight” 190 lbs. (competition)

Residence: New York City

Twitter, Instagram: @sadikhadzovic

Website: sadikhadzovic.com

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