WWE Superstar John Morrison and trainer Jeff Carrier, NASM-CPT, have trained together for many years. As Morrison’s wrestling career grew increasingly busy, he needed a more efficient way to meet his diverse training needs. His impressive strength, dexterity and flexibility are off the charts, and since his background includes so many different disciplines — kung fu, gymnastics, breakdancing, parkour — the duo began fitting movement from those activities into a gym environment.

The results suited Morrison’s needs perfectly, but the workouts tend to be very advanced and require substantial strength. Because they saw potential in their program for people who might not be so physically gifted or aren’t yet at an advanced level, they’ve adapted it for mere mortals.

“Most people can’t do these moves, so we started regressing them,” Carrier says. ” We now have several regressions for each movement, which means anybody could come up with a starting point from which to work up to that movement.”

Take the flagpole, for example. You grasp a pole and hang parallel to the floor, arms fully extended. One regression would be to hook your feet in the cable crossover with the pulley set at the top. Carrier says you actually do the flagpole in this position but you’re slightly assisted because the cable relieves some of the pressure.

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