Trent Ward is the founder and CEO of Forme (, which creates smart fitness mirrors and offers subscription services such as live coaching and on-demand classes.

I met Trent in NYC and got a chance to get hands-on with the Forme Lift. I’ve been skeptical of smart mirrors in the past — I own one and have powered it up five times … if that. Still, Forme’s hardware was impressive and stylish; and more importantly, I liked how it provided up to 200 pounds of total resistance (100 per arm) and offered live coaching via a 4K screen for people who aren’t fans of on-demand training vids.

forme mirror lift

I spoke with Ward about his journey as a first-time CEO, how he gets the word out about Forme in a crowded market, and the plan for his company if the economy tanks and goes into recession.

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Highlights from the M&F Reps interview with Forme CEO and founder Trent Ward:

02:28 The importance of having a personal trainer and the benefits of working with one with a product like Forme Studio and Forme Lift. It also discusses the price point and availability of trainers.

03:28 Forme’s focus on style; their product was covered in architecture magazines. Ward believes people need to see the differences between Forme’s hardware and competitors.

04:28 Is the at-home fitness slowing down?

09:06 The youtube video discusses the benefits of strength training and the importance of having a well-rounded program that includes postural work, pulling exercises, and longevity training. The presenter recommends that people start strength training now to achieve long-term health benefits.

12:47 How will a potential for a recession impact the mirror businesses.?

15:28 Ward’s journey as an entrepreneur and mistakes he made early on running Forme.

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