Known as the “Ultimate Big Mac fan,” Dan Gorske has been eating the famous burger since 1972 and has no intention of stopping, but fortunately, he’s making some smarter choices to clean up his diet and stay heart-healthy(ier) following the news that he’s extended his Guinness World Record for “Most Big Macs eaten in a lifetime.”

Now clocking up more than 34,000 Big Mac’s and counting (he’s even kept the receipts), Gorske has appeared in documentaries like Super Size Me (2004), Don Gorske: Mac Daddy (2005) and even wrote his own book titled 22,477 Big Macs back in 2008. The story goes that Gorske became hooked on what he deemed to be the perfect patty after buying his first car and making a stop under the golden arches. Gorske has said that he purchased three Big Mac’s that lunchtime, and returned to buy nine more… the very same day! For those who are tracking their calories, a Big Mac weighs in at 590 cals, so multiply that by twelve and Gorske consumed a whopping 7,080 calories that day, without factoring in fries, drinks, and anything else that he might have swallowed. Since the average adult male should be aiming for around 2,500 calories per day, it doesn’t take a mathematical genius to work out that the now retired correctional officer from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, was heading for serious health issues including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, often linked to processed foods.

David Gorske is making healthier choices to maintain his Big Mac record

“Many people thought I’d be dead now.” Says Gorske in a recent interview with Guiness World Records, but at 70 years old, Gorske has no intention of tapping out of his hardcore habit. And, eating the same meal every day is not as uncommon as it may sound. The routine and comfort, sensory preferences, and convenience of foods like McDonald’s make eating and repeating more attractive than it might sound. Then there’s the psychological aspect to consider: Gorske’s first Big Mac is entrenched with the fond memory of purchasing his first car. Fast foods have major drawbacks however, since they are designed for quick eating and that means more calories and the greater potential for overeating.

Mercifully, as Gorske’s commitment to his world record grew, so too did his desire for longevity. Gorske now skips breakfast to keep his daily calorific intake at least a little lower, and foregoes extras such as fries and sugary sodas. He walks 6 miles each day, and has also lowered his Big Bac habit to one to two per day.

Two Big Mac’s per day would be the equivalent to 1,180 calories, while a 6-mile walk could torch around 500 calories on average, meaning that Gorske is well within his limits and has plenty spare in order to down some leafy greens. At 6’2″ tall and weighing in at a reported 185 pounds, he is able to eat from McDonald’s every day while still maintaining a healthy weight.

Of course, most experts would decry eating one or two Big Mac’s per day, since they are high in sodium and this is linked to heart disease. Fast food meals also spike blood sugar levels, and this can contribute to insulin resistance. But for hardened habitual Big Mac eaters like Gorske, he’s now in a much better place than when he started out by eating Big Mac’s into double figures and has likely added years to his life through the changes he has made so far, albeit to consume more burgers. “I plan on eating Big Macs until I die,” said Gorske in an interview with Guinness World Records in 1999. “I have no intention of changing. It’s still my favorite food.”