Up-Down Plank

  • Skill Level Intermediate
  • Type Bodyweight
  • Body parts Abs
Up-Down Plank
Edgar Artiga

Training your core to resist rotation and flexing at the spine while moving will make a general plank much more effective for building real-world core strength.


  1. Up-Down Plank
    Get into pushup position and bend your elbows so your forearms rest on the floor (a plank).
  2. plank-2
    From there, place one hand on the floor as if in the bottom of a pushup. Place the other hand down and push yourself up until both arms are extended.
  3. Man doing pushup
    Reverse direction, lowering yourself back into the plank one arm at a time. Keep your core tight so your body doesn’t twist to either side. Keep your hips level.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Try 3 sets of 8-10 reps of up-down planks at the end of each workout. A rep is completed when you return to the plank position.

Advanced variations