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B Barbell Wrist CurlBody Bar Oblique TwistBarbell Quarter SquatBox Step SquatBarbell Floor PressBehind-the-Back Barbell Reverse Wrist CurlBarbell Front Split SquatBarbell RolloutBehind-the-Back Smith Machine ShrugBack Extension with Opposite ReachBarbell Front Squat to Push PressBarbell Shoulder PressBench DipBack-Foot Elevated Dumbbell Split SquatBench Squat with Rotational ChopBalancing SquatBand External RotationBarbell Hang PullBarbell Siff SquatBent Over Reach to SkyBar HoldsBand Internal RotationBent-Arm Lateral Raise and External RotationBand-Assisted ChinupBarbell Split JerkBent-Knee V-UpBarbell StepoverBarbell Split SquatBent-Knee Reverse HyperextensionBarbell Jump ShrugBarbell Squat with Heels RaisedBob and Weave CircleBent-Knee Swiss Ball Reverse Hip RaiseBarbell Board Bench PressBarbell Jump SquatBent-Leg Calf StretchBarbell Box LungeBarbell Lateral Step-UpBodyweight Jump SquatBiceps StretchBarbell Box SquatBarbell LungeBarbell Straight-Leg Deadlift to RowBarbell Pin Bench PressBarbell Towel Bench PressBraced SquatBicycle In-OutBarbell Crossover LungeBridge with Leg ExtensionBodyweight Walking LungeBarbell DeadliftBarbell Reverse LungeBarbell Reverse Wrist CurlBehind-the-Back One-Arm Cable CurlBarbell Front SquatBack SquatBarbell Hack SquatBarbell ShrugBarbell High PullBarbell SnatchBarbell Lateral LungeBarbell Hip Thrust on FloorBarbell Hip Thrust with BenchBent-Over Lateral RaiseBarbell Biceps CurlBarbell Step-UpBodyweight DipBarbell Straight-Leg DeadliftBosu Ball PushupBicycle CrunchBarbell Bulgarian Split SquatBodyweight SquatBarbell Push PressBarbell Upright Row
S Static CurlSeated Dumbbell Biceps CurlStanding EZ-Bar Biceps CurlSingle-Leg Romanian Deadlift with DumbbellsSide Plank with Knee CircleSingle-Leg Elevated-Feet PlankSquat, Plank, PushupSuperman on Swiss BallSwiss Ball Russian TwistScapular RetractionSeated Lateral RaiseSide-Stepping CurtseySingle-Leg Swiss Ball Hip Raise and Leg CurlSquat and Side KickStanding Rotational ChopSwiss Ball Hip Raise and Leg CurlScorpionSide Plank with Knee TuckSingle-Leg Flex and ExtendStaggered-Stance Good MorningSwiss Ball Back ExtensionSwiss Ball Side CrunchScissor Power SwitchSeated Rear Lateral RaiseSide-to-Side Crunch and WeaveSingle-Arm Reverse Lunge and PressSki MogulsSquat Jump Onto BoxStanding Rotational Reverse ChopSumo Squat with RotationSwiss Ball HyperextensionSeated Cable RowSide Plank with Leg LiftSingle-Leg Hip RaiseStanding Cable Hip AbductionSwiss Ball CrunchSwiss Ball Windshield WipersScorpionSeated Reverse Dumbbell CurlSide-to-Side Shuffle JumpSleeper StretchStanding Side CrunchSupine Hip Internal RotationSwiss Ball I RaiseSeated Dumbbell External RotationSide Plank with Reach UnderSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on StepStanding Dumbbell Calf RaiseSwiss Ball Dumbbell Triceps ExtensionSeated Alternating Dumbbell Biceps CurlSeated Single-Arm Overhead Dumbbell ExtensionSiff Jump LungeSingle-Arm Step-Up and PressSliding Lateral LungeSquats with BandStanding Split Rotational ChopSuspended ChinupSwiss Ball L RaiseSeated Leg USide-to-Side Lunge ChopsSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Head on Bosu BallStanding Hamstring StretchSwiss Ball Hip CrossoverSeated Alternating Reverse CrunchSerratus Chair ShrugSingle-Arm Cable Chest PressSingle-Dumbbell Seated Overhead Triceps ExtensionSliding Leg CurlStacked-Feet PushupStanding Split Rotational Reverse ChopSuspended DipSwiss Ball Pushup PlusShifting Side LungeSide-to-Side Medicine Ball ThrowsSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Head on Swiss BallStanding IT Band StretchSwiss Ball JackknifeSeated Barbell Good MorningSerratus ShrugSingle-Leg Barbell DeadliftSmith Machine Bench PressStaggered-Hands PushupSuspended Inverted RowSwiss Ball Reach, Roll and LiftShoulder-Tapping PushupSingle-Arm Cable Row and RotationSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Knee HoldStanding L RaiseSwiss Ball Opposite Arm and Leg LiftSeated Barbell Overhead Triceps ExtensionShoulder CirclesSingle-Arm DeadliftSingle-Leg Barbell Straight-Leg DeadliftStanding Alternating Dumbbell CurlsSuspended PushupSwiss Ball Side PlankSide Abs Leg LiftSingle-Arm Standing Cable Reverse FlyeSingle-Leg Lowering DrillSeated Barbell Shoulder PressSingle-Arm Dumbbell Bench PressSingle-Leg Bench GetupStanding Barbell Calf Raise on FloorStatic Lying Triceps ExtensionSwiss Ball Bodyweight Wall SquatSwiss Ball T RaiseSide and Crossover LungeSingle-Leg Back ExtensionSingle-Leg Side PlankStanding Stability Reverse ChopSwiss Ball PlankSide Lunge and PressSingle-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Triceps ExtensionSingle-Leg Deadlift with BarbellSpider-Man PushupStanding Cable CrunchStepout SwingSwiss Ball Dumbbell Chest PressSwiss Ball W RaiseSide Kick PlankSingle-Leg Barbell Good MorningSingle-Leg Standing Dumbbell Calf RaiseStanding T-Rotation BalanceSwiss Ball Plank Leg LiftSide Lunge Jump-OffSingle-Leg Decline PushupSpine ExtensionSwiss Ball Dumbbell FlyeSwiss Ball Y RaiseSide Lunge SweepSingle-Leg Bench Dip and KickSingle-Leg Swiss Ball JackknifeSwiss Ball Plank with Feet on BenchSide Lying Hip Flexor and Quad StretchSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on BenchSplit Barbell Good MorningStraight-Leg Calf StretchSwiss Ball Dumbbell Lying Triceps ExtensionSide Lunge to Crossover TapSingle-Leg Bench SquatSwiss Ball Prone JackknifeSeated Dumbbell Overhead Triceps ExtensionSide Lying Leg RaiseSingle-Arm Dumbbell SwingSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on Bosu BallSplit JacksStanding Dumbbell Biceps CurlSwiss Ball Dumbbell Shoulder PressSide Plank LiftSingle-Leg Bent-Knee Calf RaiseStraight-Arm Plank and RaiseSwiss Ball PushupSingle-Arm Hang SnatchSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on Foam RollerSplit-Stance Hammer Curl to PressSumo Deadlift High PullSwiss Ball EZ-Bar Lying Triceps ExtensionSide Plank to Plank with Reach UnderSingle-Leg DipSplit-Stance ExtensionSuitcase SquatsSwiss Ball Reverse CrunchSide Shuffle SwitchSingle-Arm Inverted RowSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on Medicine BallSplit-Stance Offset Pinky Dumbbell CurlSumo Squat Slide-InSwiss Ball EZ-Bar Overhead Triceps ExtensionSide Plank with Elbow on Bosu BallSingle-Leg Donkey Calf RaiseSquat JacksSwiss Ball Reverse Hip RaiseSeated Dumbbell Toe RaiseSide-Lying Lateral RaiseSingle-Arm Kettlebell SnatchSingle-Leg RDL CircuitStanding LiftSumo Squat SwingSwiss Ball EZ-Bar Preacher CurlSide Plank with Feet on BenchSingle-Leg Dumbbell Straight-Leg DeadliftSquat Jumps In 'n' OutSwiss Ball RolloutScaption and ShrugSeated EZ-Bar Overhead Triceps ExtensionSide-Lying Leg LiftSingle-Arm Medicine Ball PushupSquat and Rear LungeStanding Rear Leg RaiseSumo Squat to High PullSwiss Ball EZ-Bar PulloverScaptionSingle-Arm Neutral-Grip Dumbbell RowSumo Squat to StandSingle-Arm Rope Triceps PressdownSquat ThrustsSingle-Arm Cable RowStanding Zottman Biceps CurlSmith Machine Overhead PressSwiss Ball PikeShoulder PushupSmith Machine Upright RowSeated Cable RowSeated Calf RaiseSingle-arm Dumbbell Shoulder PressStanding Cable PulloverStraight-Arm PulldownStatic Back ExtensionSingle-Arm Dumbbell SnatchStanding Calf RaiseStepupSumo DeadliftSkater Crunch CrossSeated Dumbbell RowSide PlankSeated Dumbbell Shoulder PressSumo SquatSuperman from FloorStiff-Legged Dumbbell Deadlift
X X Abs