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B Barbell Wrist CurlBack Extension with Opposite ReachBack-Foot Elevated Dumbbell Split SquatBalancing SquatBar HoldsBarbell StepoverBent-Knee Reverse HyperextensionBent-Knee Swiss Ball Reverse Hip RaiseBent-Leg Calf StretchBiceps StretchBicycle In-OutBody Bar Oblique TwistBox Step SquatBand External RotationBand Internal RotationBand-Assisted ChinupBarbell Board Bench PressBarbell Box LungeBarbell Box SquatBarbell Crossover LungeBarbell Floor PressBarbell Front Split SquatBarbell Front Squat to Push PressBarbell Hang PullBarbell Jump ShrugBarbell Jump SquatBarbell Lateral Step-UpBarbell LungeBarbell Pin Bench PressBarbell Quarter SquatBarbell RolloutBarbell Shoulder PressBarbell Siff SquatBarbell Split JerkBarbell Split SquatBarbell Squat with Heels RaisedBarbell Straight-Leg Deadlift to RowBarbell Towel Bench PressBehind-the-Back Barbell Reverse Wrist CurlBehind-the-Back Smith Machine ShrugBench DipBench Squat with Rotational ChopBent Over Reach to SkyBent-Arm Lateral Raise and External RotationBent-Knee V-UpBob and Weave CircleBodyweight Jump SquatBraced SquatBridge with Leg ExtensionBarbell Lateral LungeBicycle CrunchBodyweight Walking LungeBack SquatBarbell Biceps CurlBarbell Bulgarian Split SquatBarbell DeadliftBarbell Front SquatBarbell Hack SquatBarbell High PullBarbell Hip Thrust on FloorBarbell Hip Thrust with BenchBarbell Push PressBarbell Reverse LungeBarbell Reverse Wrist CurlBarbell ShrugBarbell SnatchBarbell Step-UpBarbell Straight-Leg DeadliftBarbell Upright RowBehind-the-Back One-Arm Cable CurlBent-Over Lateral RaiseBodyweight DipBosu Ball PushupBodyweight Squat
S Static CurlSeated Dumbbell Biceps CurlStanding EZ-Bar Biceps CurlSingle-Leg Romanian Deadlift with DumbbellsScorpionSeated Cable RowSeated Dumbbell External RotationSeated Leg UShifting Side LungeShoulder-Tapping PushupSide Abs Leg LiftSide and Crossover LungeSide Kick PlankSide Lunge SweepSide Lunge to Crossover TapSide Plank LiftSide Plank to Plank with Reach UnderSide Plank with Elbow on Bosu BallSide Plank with Feet on BenchSide Plank with Knee CircleSide Plank with Knee TuckSide Plank with Leg LiftSide Plank with Reach UnderSide-to-Side Lunge ChopsSide-to-Side Medicine Ball ThrowsSingle-Arm Cable Row and RotationSingle-Arm Standing Cable Reverse FlyeSingle-Leg Back ExtensionSingle-Leg Barbell Good MorningSingle-Leg Bench Dip and KickSingle-Leg Bench SquatSingle-Leg Bent-Knee Calf RaiseSingle-Leg DipSingle-Leg Donkey Calf RaiseSingle-Leg Dumbbell Straight-Leg DeadliftSingle-Leg Elevated-Feet PlankSingle-Leg Flex and ExtendSingle-Leg Hip RaiseSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on StepSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Head on Bosu BallSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Head on Swiss BallSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Knee HoldSingle-Leg Lowering DrillSingle-Leg Side PlankSingle-Leg Standing Dumbbell Calf RaiseSingle-Leg Swiss Ball JackknifeSplit-Stance ExtensionSquat JacksSquat Jumps In 'n' OutSquat, Plank, PushupStaggered-Stance Good MorningStanding Cable Hip AbductionStanding Dumbbell Calf RaiseStanding Hamstring StretchStanding IT Band StretchStanding L RaiseStanding Stability Reverse ChopStanding T-Rotation BalanceStraight-Arm Plank and RaiseSuitcase SquatsSuperman on Swiss BallSwiss Ball Back ExtensionSwiss Ball CrunchSwiss Ball Dumbbell Triceps ExtensionSwiss Ball Hip CrossoverSwiss Ball JackknifeSwiss Ball Opposite Arm and Leg LiftSwiss Ball PlankSwiss Ball Plank Leg LiftSwiss Ball Plank with Feet on BenchSwiss Ball Prone JackknifeSwiss Ball PushupSwiss Ball Reverse CrunchSwiss Ball Reverse Hip RaiseSwiss Ball RolloutSwiss Ball Russian TwistSwiss Ball Side CrunchSwiss Ball Windshield WipersScaption and ShrugScapular RetractionScissor Power SwitchScorpionSeated Alternating Dumbbell Biceps CurlSeated Alternating Reverse CrunchSeated Barbell Good MorningSeated Barbell Overhead Triceps ExtensionSeated Barbell Shoulder PressSeated Dumbbell Overhead Triceps ExtensionSeated Dumbbell Toe RaiseSeated EZ-Bar Overhead Triceps ExtensionSeated Lateral RaiseSeated Rear Lateral RaiseSeated Reverse Dumbbell CurlSeated Single-Arm Overhead Dumbbell ExtensionSerratus Chair ShrugSerratus ShrugShoulder CirclesSide Lunge and PressSide Lunge Jump-OffSide Lying Hip Flexor and Quad StretchSide Lying Leg RaiseSide Shuffle SwitchSide-Lying Lateral RaiseSide-Lying Leg LiftSide-Stepping CurtseySide-to-Side Crunch and WeaveSide-to-Side Shuffle JumpSiff Jump LungeSingle-Arm Cable Chest PressSingle-Arm DeadliftSingle-Arm Dumbbell Bench PressSingle-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Triceps ExtensionSingle-Arm Dumbbell SwingSingle-Arm Hang SnatchSingle-Arm Inverted RowSingle-Arm Kettlebell SnatchSingle-Arm Medicine Ball PushupSingle-Arm Reverse Lunge and PressSingle-Arm Step-Up and PressSingle-Dumbbell Seated Overhead Triceps ExtensionSingle-Leg Barbell DeadliftSingle-Leg Barbell Straight-Leg DeadliftSingle-Leg Bench GetupSingle-Leg Deadlift with BarbellSingle-Leg Decline PushupSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on BenchSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on Bosu BallSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on Foam RollerSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on Medicine BallSingle-Leg RDL CircuitSingle-Leg Swiss Ball Hip Raise and Leg CurlSki MogulsSleeper StretchSliding Lateral LungeSliding Leg CurlSmith Machine Bench PressSpider-Man PushupSpine ExtensionSplit Barbell Good MorningSplit JacksSplit-Stance Hammer Curl to PressSplit-Stance Offset Pinky Dumbbell CurlSquat and Rear LungeSquat and Side KickSquat Jump Onto BoxSquats with BandStacked-Feet PushupStaggered-Hands PushupStanding Alternating Dumbbell CurlsStanding Barbell Calf Raise on FloorStanding Cable CrunchStanding Dumbbell Biceps CurlStanding LiftStanding Rear Leg RaiseStanding Rotational ChopStanding Rotational Reverse ChopStanding Side CrunchStanding Split Rotational ChopStanding Split Rotational Reverse ChopStatic Lying Triceps ExtensionStepout SwingStraight-Leg Calf StretchSumo Deadlift High PullSumo Squat Slide-InSumo Squat SwingSumo Squat to High PullSumo Squat with RotationSupine Hip Internal RotationSuspended ChinupSuspended DipSuspended Inverted RowSuspended PushupSwiss Ball Bodyweight Wall SquatSwiss Ball Dumbbell Chest PressSwiss Ball Dumbbell FlyeSwiss Ball Dumbbell Lying Triceps ExtensionSwiss Ball Dumbbell Shoulder PressSwiss Ball EZ-Bar Lying Triceps ExtensionSwiss Ball EZ-Bar Overhead Triceps ExtensionSwiss Ball EZ-Bar Preacher CurlSwiss Ball EZ-Bar PulloverSwiss Ball Hip Raise and Leg CurlSwiss Ball HyperextensionSwiss Ball I RaiseSwiss Ball L RaiseSwiss Ball Pushup PlusSwiss Ball Reach, Roll and LiftSwiss Ball Side PlankSwiss Ball T RaiseSwiss Ball W RaiseSwiss Ball Y RaiseScaptionSkater Crunch CrossStatic Back ExtensionStepupSumo SquatSuperman from FloorSwiss Ball PikeSeated Cable RowSeated Calf RaiseSeated Dumbbell RowSeated Dumbbell Shoulder PressShoulder PushupSide PlankSingle-Arm Cable RowSingle-arm Dumbbell Shoulder PressSingle-Arm Dumbbell SnatchSingle-Arm Neutral-Grip Dumbbell RowSingle-Arm Rope Triceps PressdownSmith Machine Overhead PressSmith Machine Upright RowSquat ThrustsStanding Cable PulloverStanding Calf RaiseStanding Zottman Biceps CurlStraight-Arm PulldownSumo DeadliftSumo Squat to StandStiff-Legged Dumbbell Deadlift
X X Abs