30-Degree Lat Pulldown

The 30-degree lat pulldown is a variation of the traditional pulldown and targets your lats, while increasing strength in your middle and upper back. This exercise also develops strength in the shoulders, biceps, and forearms.


  1. 306_A
    Sit on a bench facing an adjustable cable machine with a lat pulldown bar positioned at the high setting. Grab the bar with a double overhand grip, your hands just wider than shoulder-width apart. Lean back slightly, push out your chest, and keep your shoulders down.
  2. 30-Degree Lat Pulldown
    Pull the handle down toward your sternum. Squeeze your shoulder blades down and together. Reverse the movement to return the bar to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Do not hyperextend your back.
  • Pull the bar all the way to your chest.