Cable Front Raise

The cable front raise increases strength, stability, and muscle growth in the shoulders with an emphasis on the front of the shoulders. Performing the exercise with the cables ensures resistance remains on the shoulders throughout the entire range of motion.


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    Stand tall in front of an adjustable cable machine with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grab the rope from the low setting with one hand. Keep your chest up and shoulders back.
  2. Cable Front Raise
    Brace your core and lift your arm in front of you, keeping your arm straight. When your arm reaches shoulder height, pause. Return to the starting position and repeat before completing on the opposite arm.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Do not use your lower back to power through the motion. Use controlled movements to lift with your delts.
  • Avoid bending your elbow during the exercise.
  • Pause for a moment at the top position.