1. Meet New Enthusiasts

It’s the U.K.’s leading fitness expo, where fitness enthusiasts who share an insane drive to get bigger and stronger meet, exchange ideas, and mingle with industry icons.

2. See The Future 

Top-tier brands like Quest Nutrition, Nutrex, and ProSupps will have their latest and upcoming offerings on display.

3. Hoard Free Stuff

You’ll get lots of freebies as you make your rounds through the center’s 160,000-square-foot space, including samples of the newest supps and cool swag from some of the best brands in the industry.

4. Greet Your Idols 

Snag photos and autographs from fitness legends such as eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and Aesthetix Era founder and fitness model Sergi Constance. If nothing else, fans should leave FitCon more motivated than before after meeting icons such as Simeon Panda, Ronnie Coleman, and Sergi Constance

5. Stay on Track

You won’t need to cheat on this vacation. The FitCon Food Court will have healthy meal options, including protein pancakes, smoothies, and healthy burgers.