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“We’re getting pumped up now.”

He’s back! This month, Editor-in-Chief Shawn Perine takes in a workout with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Iron Gym in Santa Monica. At 66, “The Oak” is as motivated as ever. He has a plethora of movie projects in the pipeline, and now that he has a little more time to hit the gym after leaving the political arena, Arnold is looking more like a bodybuilder than he has in years.

Plus: A look at the biggest bodybuilding movie of the 21st century–from the producers of Pumping Iron comes Generation Iron; the arm workout that’ll add an inch to your arms in one day (no kidding); the 22 strongest guys in the NFL; the toughest back routine you’ve ever seen, and more!

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Ready to get to work? We’ve got the man on the cover this October, and from the first page to the last, we ain’t playing around. Grab your copy today, M&Fers, and get in the gym with Arnold!

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