Olympia Video main

Don’t just watch the Olympia weekend—be a part of it! For the first time, we’re giving you the chance to be part of the Muscle & Fitness Olympia coverage! Simply record your personal Olympia experiences on your phone in videos of 30 seconds or less, and email them to olympia@muscleandfitness.com. Within minutes they’ll be added to our Olympia video feed, which you can find at muscleandfitness.com/mr-olympia-2013-video

The videos will be moderated before going up, so please keep them clean and on point. But whether they’re of the expo, a contest, or you enjoying the weekend, we want to see what you’ve got, and so do muscleandfitness.com fans. So, start filming and sending us your videos of the 2013 Olympia on Thursday the 26th, and look for your masterpieces on muscleandfitness.com!

Quick Tips to Recording Your Video: 


– Register with the email address that you use on your smartphone https://www.sparkreel.com/user/login


– Hold your phone horizontally to record at optimal aspect ratio

– Clips 30 seconds or less are best for uploading

– if your phone is set to capture video in HD quality, please reduce the resolution to something in the middle (completely fine for web viewing). This will reduce the filesize and simplify uploading


– To share short clips via email, after recording the video on your smartphone, email it from your phone to olympia@muscleandfitness.com and use the Subject Line of the email as your video’s title

– If you record a clip that is too large to email, you can still send it from your phone. Go to sparkreel.com/g/olympia from your phone, login, then click the Upload button. You’ll be able to select files from your phone to upload directly

– if you want to add videos you posted on YouTube, Instagram and/or Vine from Olympia, simply grab the video URL and submit them by clicking the Upload button on muscleandfitness.com/mr-olympia-2013-video and entering it under Share a Video URL