To gym rats the world over, Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been a man on a pedestal. Whether or not you aspire to his legendary physique is immaterial. His story is one of the American dream personified. He built his body, and his success, from virtually nothing. For our November issue, we’ve not only unearthed some new stories on the Austrian Oak, we’ve also re-imagined how Arnold would train if he were in his prime today. And, as always, we’ve provided a wealth of new programs and techniques to get you on the road to your best body ever.

Cover Story: — While Arnold isn’t new to the cover of Muscle&Fitness, this story is. Three of Austrian Oak’s contemporaries — Frank Zane, Mike Katz, and Bill Grant — reveal never-before-told stories of what it was like to train with and compete against the greatest bodybuilder of all time.

Arnold 2.0 — If Arnold were starting out today, how would he train? More specifically, how would he train to build his legendary chest? John Meadows, C.S.C.S, gives you a new approach to build pecs like Arnold’s.

The 5X5 Method — Forget three sets of 10. Stick to this golden age formulas and build size and strength the old-fashioned way.

Boxed Muscle — Save precious time during the week with these 10 muscle-building boxed-meal recipes.

From the Brink— Cancer was supposed to end Mark Herzlich’s football career. He refused to cooperate.

You’ll find all this and more in the November issue of Muscle & Fitness, on newsstands now.