Get Pumped! Your Rock Workout Playlist

We pick the top 25 rock and metal songs from our M&F fans to get you pumped for a new PR.

Get Pumped! Your Rock Workout Playlist

Motivation is the key to keeping you primed to keep pushing heavy weight in the gym. And what better motivator is there than music? We asked the experts—our dedicated Muscle & Fitness fans—what music makes their heart rate rise and gets them pumped to hit new PRs, and you answered. If you prefer guitar riffs and rock star screams to get your muscles primed for a full-on assault, here are 25 rock workout songs for your playlist. 

1. Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses
2. Greed - Godsmack 
3. Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails 
4. Nookie - Limp Bizkit 
5. More Than Human - White Zombie 
6. Testify - Rage Against The Machine 
7. Enter Sandman - Metallica 
8. Highway To Hell - AC/DC
9. (sic) - Slipknot
10. Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin 
11. Bawitdaba - Kid Rock 
12. Master of Puppets - Metallica 
13. Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen 
14. Crazy B*tch - Buckcherry 
15. Psychosocial - Slipknot 
16. Dam That River - Alice in Chains 
17. New Tattoo - Saving Abel 
18. Runnin' With the Devil – Van Halen
19. Shoot To Thrill – AC/DC
20. Last Resort – Papa Roach
21. Awake – Godsmack
22. Switchback – Celldweller
23. Animal – Pearl Jam
24. Bleed It Out – Linkin Park
25. Sleep Now In The Fire - Rage Against the Machine


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