With the holiday season comes holiday spending, and that can be stressful. After all, you want to make sure your loved ones receive a gift they love. Here we have 28 gifts under 50 bucks, fit for any budget so you can shop with excitement and not stress. And if it can’t get there in for the holidays, use your gift cards to grab one of these must-haves. Happy Shopping!


Immune-Boosting Elderberry Syrup

Immune-Boosting Elderberry Syrup

Boost your immune while supporting a small business with this ultra-healthy, homemade elderberry syrup kit. One serving in the morning can boost your health while providing clean energy throughout the day; filling your body with much-needed nutrients. Enjoy time spent with loved ones as you make this delicious-tasting syrup.

Buy It: $30, Etsy.com  



Tifosi Swick  

Protect your eyes in style with these shatterproof, no-slip fit, 100 UVA/UVB protection shades perfect for cruising the town or outdoor workouts.

Buy It: $25, tifosioptics.com




GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod              

Capture all the excitement with GoPro 3-Way Grip which can be used as a camera grip, extension arm, or tripod offering you all the versatility you need to get the shot.

Buy It: $49.99, amazon.com


JBL Clip 4 

JBL Clip 4    

Bring your music with you wherever you go with this lightweight speaker system offering five hours of playtime which allows you to wirelessly stream music from a phone, tablet, or any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Buy It: $49.95, jbl.com


Cabeau Incredi-Heat

Cabeau Incredi-Heat – Portable USB Heating Pad

This portable, USB-powered heating pad is lightweight (weighing less than five ounces) providing convenient therapeutic heat therapy and warmth on the go.

Buy It: $40, cabeau.com



Pactera 3:4 Strider Compression Tight

Pacterra 3/4 Strider Compression Tight

Made with ultra-soft Swingloft fabric for a comfortable compression fit, these ¾ strider tights are equipped with an anti-chafe design and with a secure fold pocket, matching perfectly with any workout no matter the intensity.

Buy It: $46, pacterraathletics.com

Offcourt Holiday Kit

Offcourt Holiday Kit           


This green and clean functional body bundle comes with fresh-smelling body spray, exfoliating soap, and a deep cleansing body wash in matching scents made from fig leaves and white musk.

Buy It: $30 (15% off price), offcourt.com

Midlife Male

The Midlife Male

Don’t fear mid-life; instead live better, longer, healthier, and happier with life coach Greg Scheinman’s guide to maximizing middle age and having more fun in your 40s and 50s.

Buy It: $25, amazon.com

LASSO Crew Socks

LASSO Compression Crew Socks (low tab)             

Where the classic crew socks meet compression providing your feet with comfort and moisture-wicking support.

Buy It: $40 (Mix two-pack), lassogear.com

Black Wolf Nation Aftershave

Black Wolf Nation Aftershave

Reduce breakouts, unclog pores and eliminate bacteria on your face caused by razor bumps with this cooling cream made with cucumber and salicylic acid.

Buy It: $19, blackwolfnation.com

Franklin & Whiteman Candle

Franklin & Whiteman Candle       

This luxuriously smelling candle will fill the room with a melody of amber woods, tobacco leaf, and sweet vanilla perfect for the promotion of relaxation and calmness.

Buy It: $20, franklinandwhitman.com

tentree cotton patch

Tentree cotton patch beanie           

Made with breathable organic cotton this stylish and classic beanie will keep you warm and comfortable and cozy all winter long.

Buy It: $25, tentree.com

Indie Quick Link

Ibex Indie Quick Link         

For a wool experience minus the itch, protect your face and neck from the elements with this 100 percent merino wool neck gaiter designed for quality performance and comfort.

Buy It: $42, ibex.com



Nathan HyperNight Reflective Convertible Mitt

Wick moisture, keep warm, and even text with these versatile gloves that convert from glove to mitten.

Buy It: $35, nathansports.com


Swiftwick Limited Edition Vision Five Winter Socks   


Swiftwick Limited Edition Vision Five Winter Socks   

Keep your feet warm and comfortable all season long with this limited edition, sweat-wicking sock made of merino wool featuring a unique knitted pattern for every style.

Buy It: $20, swiftwick.com


Toe Spacer

Toe Spacer

Wearing toe spaces for as little as 10 minutes a day can help improve foot mobility and repair damage from wearing narrow-toe box shoes. Perfect for those looking to boost their foot health and strength.

Buy It: $20, thetoespacer.com

Michael Strahan | Daily Defense | Face and Neck Moisturizer |

Michael Strahan | Daily Defense | Face and Neck Moisturizer |

Your defense against dry skin, this lightweight formula offers vitamin E antioxidants and nourishing avocado oil leaving your skin feeling smooth without clogging pores.

Buy It: $14, amazon.com

Spiritual Gangster Gratitude Pom-Pom Beanie

Spiritual Gangster Gratitude Pom-Pom Beanie               


Stay warm while being a billboard for positivity with the Gratitude pom-pom beanie, designed to boost people’s moods and make them smile.

Buy It: $32, amazon.com


Skechers hyperslide

Skechers Hyper Slide          

Slip your feet into comfort after an intense workout with Sketcher Hyper Slide. Designed with Goodyear Performance Outsole for enhanced traction, stability, and durability your feet will be covered in comfort and support.

Buy It: $46, skechers.com




This portable, durable and efficient blender allows you to blend on the road, at the office, or on the job.

Buy It: $50, blendjet.com

Blueshift Sidekick Bottle

Blueshift Sidekick Bottle

Keep your drink cold and condensation-free for hours with this superior-walled, durable, and BPA-free bottle equipped with a built-in 3-pod storage compartment and shaker ball.

Buy It: $25, blueshiftnutrition.com


Few Will Hunt Varsity Snapback

Few Will Hunt Varsity Snapback              


Style out with this 6-panel, flat-bill snapback crafted with hand-illustrated graphics by a Philadelphia artist. Purchase includes a lifetime money-back guarantee. Designed and printed in the USA.

Buy It: $35, fewwillhunt.com


ARMRA Revival Stick Packs (Unflavored)

ARMRA Immune Revival Stick Packs (Blood Orange)          

Strengthen your skin, gut barrier, and immune system, and rebuild your microbiome with this pure and potent colostrum concentrate.

Buy it: $50, tryarmra.com



Pso Rite PSO-STICK                      

Improve circulation, boost muscle recovery and ease tender muscles with the Pso Rite PSO-STICK designed to provide your muscles with a healing experience.

Buy It: $40, pso-rite.com

Pop & Bottle

Pop & Bottle

These convenient, ready-to-drink lattes are packed with health-boosting lions mane, adaptogens, collagen, reishi, and maitake for sustained energy with a clean incredible taste.

Buy It: $2.92/bottle, popandbottle.com



Bite Away

Bite Away

Perfect for the outdoor lover in your life, simply apply the chemical-free electronic device to an insect bite for fast relief of itching, swelling, and irritation from a bug bite.

Buy It: $30, amazon.com