The March Issue is out now, and it includes bonus pull-out posters of WWE Superstars John Cena and Charlotte the Diva! At 38, Cena is still setting personal records in the gym. We went to Florida to watch him train and might have found the secret to his success – he still pushes himself like a hungry up-and-comer.

Also in the issue, we’ve got The Ultimate Starter’s Guide. Whether you’re a gym newbie or seasoned pro, we have the guide and motivation to get you up off that couch and into your best bod ever! 

Plus, meet Iron Maiden, Bond stunt-double Gemita Samarr, see Showgirls fitness founder Michelle Brannan help a pole fitness devotee sculpt a trophy-winning bum, and find out what Mr. T is up to these days. Get this collectible issue now!

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