In the new August 2018 issue of Muscle & Fitness, you’ll find the training, lifestyle, and nutrition tips to stay summer shredded well into fall.

Our August cover star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, clearly knows a thing or two about staying ripped year-round despite being one of the busiest men in Hollywood. He’s proven that his dedication to the gym—or, as he calls it, the Iron Paradise—never falters, even while he’s filming Blockbusters like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Rampage, or Skyscraper. If you’re willing to put the work in, follow the workout plan provided by The Rock’s trainer, Dave Rienzi, to build a Herculean physique like Johnson’s.

The August issue also includes a pair of strength-building, heart-pumping workouts that you can complete in 30 minutes or less with no more than a kettlebell. Even if you’ve only got 15 minutes to spare, you can use that time to make some gains.

It’s a fair bet you’ve already hit the beach this summer, but were you satisfied with your physique? If not, you’ve still got time to sculpt a summer six-pack with our trio of core-shredding workout routines. For a total-body overhaul, check out our military-inspired three-phase program to get shredded like a soldier.

But, abs are truly made in the kitchen, so don’t forget to check out our latest muscle-building recipes and nutritional wisdom. From summertime sandwich recipes to a burger that’ll crush your cravings, it’s all right here.

And since Muscle & Fitness now incorporates FLEX, there are even more workouts and nutrition know-how to add to your regimen. Nathan De Asha, winner of the 2018 New York Pro, shares his tips for bodybuilding success along with a leg-day workout that you’ll feel all week. And if you’re looking for a total-body routine, Figure Olympia winner Cydney Gillon’s Survivor-inspired workout will get you sweating. For some serious inspiration, flip through our roundup of the 13 men who have won the Sandow trophy and etched their names in bodybuilding immortality as Mr. Olympia winners.

For the latest training methods, no matter where you are on the fitness spectrum, we’ve got it all right here in Muscle & Fitness and FLEX.

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