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In this month’s cover feature, see how Dolph Lundgren has stayed fit, strong, and focused through the years.

Lundgren’s training today is less about heavy weights and more about moving his body through a full range of motion. “All the things I do help me feel better and more fit, but also more balanced.” Along with his tips for fitness longevity, the 6’4″ Expendables star shares a couple body-sculpting workouts that represent his current resistance-training routine for developing functional strength and optimizing recovery.

Plus: The four-week training plan—brought to you by Thor’s trainer to help you lose belly fat fast and get shredded by summer, five easy-to-make healthy protein recipes, four classic ab moves to slice and dice your core, tips to train your back like IFBB physique pro Sadik Hadzovicthe, and the easily accessible, protein rich food you need to get more of.

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