Steve Weatherford may have hit the big time by earning a spot on an NFL team, but it was landing on the cover of Muscle & Fitness that ultimately fulfilled his biggest dream.

In this month’s issue, we get a closer look at the man who went from a skinny teen to a chiseled beast with a passion for weightlifting and fitness. Along with Weatherford’s inspirational story of achieving his fitness icon status, the former New York Giant with the booming punts shares his workout to build a killer cobra back, and nutrition advice to get lean and shredded. From his accomplishments on the gridiron to those in the gym, Weatherford serves as an ideal example of someone who refuses to set limits. And one who inspires us all to go the extra distance to achieve our goals.

It’s that type of inspiration that will serve you well as you boldly tackle some of the brutal workout programs in this November issue. Ready to pack on some serious mass? Then it’s time to get M&Fing huge! In Part 1 of this grueling, eight-week workout, you’ll test your mettle with a massive helping of muscle-building moves for adding both size and strength. You’ll also find Flex Lewis’ 500-rep challenge for crafting sleeves-busting triceps. And when you’re ready to take your training outdoors, we’ve got five kick-ass workouts that will rival most any of those performed at your iron mecca.

The November issue also features a proven lifting approach that focuses on the three specific phases of each exercise for optimal muscle fiber recruitment. And when time is limited, we’ve got you covered with tips and techniques to get in a highly efficient workout that delivers the size and strength results you demand.

You’ll find all this as well as our regular training and nutrition columns to get you bigger, leaner, stronger, and performing your best no matter the physical activity. Don’t miss the November issue of Muscle & Fitness on newsstands today!

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