Abel Albonetti knows a thing or two about looking good, and it’s earned him scores of fans on social media who can’t help but admire the MuscleTech athlete’s chiseled physique.

In this month’s issue of Muscle & Fitness, Albonetti shares his aesthetic workout for those who want to turn heads on the beach, at the gym, or anywhere, really. His workout plan will have you feeling the burn while it sculpts every muscle from every angle, including those coveted six-pack abs. But if you want to look like a fitness model you’ve got to eat like one, so we also got the lowdown on his approach to nutrition—carb backloading—and why it works for him.

If you’re more of a functional fitness guy, check out our eight-week guide to training for your first obstacle course race, in which we provide a workout plan and gear essentials to get you over, under, and through any obstacle you come across. We also give you a rundown of some of the most popular obstacle course races around, so you can pick your poison with confidence.

The September issue also features a hotel workout that can be done sans gym and with minimal equipment, so an on-the-go lifestyle is no longer an excuse not to workout. We’ve even got a bodyweight routine to prove that nothing, including a lack of equipment, should stand in the way of a great pump.

You’ll find all this as well as our regular training and nutrition columns to get you bigger, leaner, stronger, and feeling your best. Don’t miss the September issue of Muscle & Fitness on newsstands today!

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