Branch Warren will have to beat out two hungry pros, each looking for their first win, if he hopes to make it two for two in the month of May. Two weeks after winning the new york pro, Warren will be hard-pressed to repeat with Dennis Wolf and Kai Greene each making a strong case for themselves at the prejudging of the Keystone Classic on Saturday.

Warren took the stage in Pennsylvania looking as good, if not better, than he did when winning the New York Pro two weeks ago. However, Wolf came to the Keystone in his best-ever condition, and could vey well end up notching his first professional win. The decision will come down to what the judges decide to reward – Warren’s thickness or Wolf’s symmetry.

Greene burst onto the scene two weeks ago, coming out of nowhere to place sixth in New York, and it looks as if he will at worst finish in the top three and earn an Olympia qualification. It would not be far-fetched to see Greene move up a spot — or possibly two — at the evening finals.

Darrem Charles, Silvio Samuel and Desmond Miller will battle it out for the four, five and six spots, with Craig Richardson and Brian Chamberlain on the outside looking in. Johnnie Jackson, looking disappointingly smooth, will have to look to Colorado for his Olympia qualification.

One thing is for sure, there should be no complaints concerning a lack of comparisons, as the prejudging featured the most extensive and thorough comparisons of the contest season. Every competitor at the top of the order — from 1 through 8 — was placed in comparisons with one another.

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2007 Keystone Classic
Competitor List and Gallery Links

1. Johnnie O. Jackson

2. Darrem Charles

3. Ed Van Amsterdam

4. Khalid Almohsinawi

5. Dennis Wolf

6. Leo Ingram

7. Tricky Jackson

8. Brian Chamberlain

9. Craig Richardson

10. Gennaro Brigante

11. Silvio Samuel Saviour

12. Kai Greene

13. George Farah

14. Branch Warren

15. Trever Crouch

16. Andy Dinetta

17. ermo kardozovic