During a weekend where over 400 competitors turned out to take the stage at the 2007 NPC USA Bodybuilding and Figure Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, it was a given that not everyone would go home happy. On Saturday night, count Ben White as one of the happiest.

White won both the Super Heavyweight and overall titles on Saturday night to earn his way into the professional ranks. He was joined by DeShaun Grimes, who won the heavyweight class and beat out the rest of the field to win the second pro card given out in the men’s competition.

White displayed a balanced overall physique to beat out pre-contest favorites Robert Hatch (third) and Jerome Ferguson (fourth) in the superheavies. Grigori Atoyan was the runner-up in the division.

Grimes outclassed the up-and-coming Brandon Curry (second) and Adorthus Cherry (third) in the heavies.

In the light-heavyweight division, Peter Putnam garnered 10 out of 11 first-place votes to outduel Al Auguste (second) and Mark Perry (third).

In women’s bodybuilding, Jennifer Sedia won both middleweight and the overall titles.

In figure, Catherine Anderson won the overall to win her pro card.

Prejudging report


In a sweltering Las Vegas, little has been decided after prejudging of the 2007 NPC USA’s

Nearly 128 competitors turned out for the men’s bodybuilding prejudging of the 2007 NPC USA Championships at Artemis Hall in Las Vegas on Friday night, but only seven are going to go home happy. Based on how close the competition was in the heavier divisions, things might come down to the wire.

Precontest favorites Peter Putnam (Light Heavyweight), Adorthus Cherry (Heavyweight) and Robert Hatch (Super Heavyweight) all held their own in their respective weight classes, but none of the three should be comfortable or too confident heading into Saturday’s finals.

The light heavyweight division likely will come down to Putnam and Al Auguste of Orlando, Florida. Putnam displayed the most balanced overall physique in the class, but the final decision will come down to how each holds his conditioning, or improves it for tomorrow nights finals.

The same could be said for the heavyweights, although this will be a three-way race between Cherry, DeShaun Grimez and 22-year-old Brandon Curry. Cherry displayed his signature broad shoulders and tiny waist, but his chest wasn’t nearly as thick as Grimez or Curry, and he may not have done enough to improve his legs since placing third at last year’s USAs and second at the 2006 Nationals. Still, although Curry displays the most pro potential, Cherry’s past accomplishments could vault him to the top of the class. Grimez carried the most overall size, but was the least conditioned of the three.

In the supers, it looks like Ben White‘s show to lose. White was more complete than Hatch, who was too smooth in the hams and didn’t carry enough size in his lower half to match up with his impressive body, and better conditioned than Ferguson.

2007 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships


1. Paul Gillison
2. Paul Coats
3. Alden Gamet
4. Brad Askem
5. John Ligsay
6. Arthur Santellan
7. Bleu Taylor
8. David Candy
9. Thomas New
10. Alan Watari
11. Rick Brewer

Bantamweight Prejudging Gallery


12. Mike Davis
13. David Yeloushan
14. Jonathan Sebastian
15. Shavis Higa
16. Bret Bradshaw
17. Allan Terrell
18. Jimmy Nguyen
19. Chris Groetsch
20. Matt Wheeler
21. Joseph Bustamante
22. Jabar Miles
23. Wesley Capps
24. William Matthews

Lightweight Prejudging Gallery


25.George Thibault
26. Danny Boyle
27. Jesse Sabater
28. Richard Siegelman
29. Albert Diaz
30. Steve Karnya
31. Travis Rogers
32. Mark Harris
33. Hugo Rivera
34. Scott Turner
35. Rocky Nehk
36. Jerry Serna
37. Jason Croce

Welterweight Prejudging Gallery


38. David Groce
39. Jose Raymond
40. Maxwell Carlisle
41. Todd Scott
42. Raymond Bessette
43. Jason Martinez
44. Jeffrey Delaney
45. Arleigh Bumanglag
46. Juber Tanguma
47. Rob Pyfer
48. Daniel Rocha
49. Mandeep Singh
50. Ronald Torres
51. Scott Hutchinson
52. El-Guindy Tamar
53. Keith Sallis

Middleweight Prejudging Gallery


54. Frank Castillega
55. Quinton Thomas
56. Ryan Imamura
57. Johnathan Johnson
58. Michael Pariso
59. Daniel Bernstein
60. David Dorsey
61. Michael Moore Jr.
62. John Clark
63. Peter Putnam
64. Manuel Torres
65. Jason Ciarabellini
66. Tim Anderson
67. Jonathan Morisoli
68. Mel Perez
69. Mauricio Solis
70. Sean Smith
71. Jerry Jackson
72. Neko Roberson
73. Rob Kreider
74. Carlos Pinto
75. Mark Perry
76. Robert Evans
77. Al Auguste
78. Justin Rayner
79. Bryan Pazdzierz
80. Charles Lyons
81. Damon Aviles
82. James Wilson
83. Nate Brock
84. Erich Blanchaflor

Light-Heavyweight Prejudging Gallery


85. Adorthus Cherry
86. Kirk DeFrancesco
87. Ray Cali
88. Randy Moore
89. Simi Tufunga
90. Chad Martin
91. Dan Decker
92. David Fisch
93. Tad Inoue
94. Kevin Reeves
95. Carl Lomax
96. DeShaun Grimez
97. Kevin Tomasini
98. Mark Erpelding
99. Lonnie Jaquez
100. Jeff Schwartzer
101. Steve McLeod
102. Kevin Sperling
103. Gary Harden
104. Alex Bartoli
105. Brandon Curry
106. David Kalick
107. Charles Dorby
108. Andy Snyder

Heavyweight Prejudging Gallery


111. Robert Hatch
112. Todd Jewell
113. Kenny Gipson
114. Kirk Chittick
115. Rob Schouten
116. Rod Solomon
117. Jerome Ferguson
118. Ben White
119. Korbie Nitiforo
120. Aaron Boniecki
121. Justin Harris
122. Eric Domer
123. Rudolph Richards
124. Matthew Brown
125. Jim Swanson
126. Kenny Milne
127. Keith Williams
128. Grigori Atoyan

Super-Heavyweight Prejudging Gallery