Dennis James gives his expert play-by-play athlete critique at the 2014 Arnold Classic!  Here's what we saw on stage:

EVAN CENTOPANI: Great color, he’s better than at the Olympia. Great back!  His back detail is crazy! That’s the best Evan I’ve seen.  I like this Evan. He’s dry too, he looks good.  His back double bicep is crazy!

BRANDON CURRY: No oil, looks a little bigger but not as conditioned. He sacrificed condition and that’s going to hurt him today. If he had some oil on he would probably look much better. He’s holding some water and is about 3-4lbs off.  He still has a beautiful shape but he could be better. His legs are still a little undersized for his body.

TONEY FREEMAN: I think he’s trying to come in too big. The separation in the quads is not there. Toney looks like Toney, just his legs aren’t quite what they used to be.  They’re tight but not striated.  He’s going to have a hard time competing with the younger guys.  For his age, kudos but not the separation and legs that he needs to compete with them.

VICTOR MARTINEZ: Legs look like their down in size.  Upper body almost looks like the old victor again but the legs are down in size.  Overall size-wise though, he’s almost back to the old victor again.  Victor looks good.  This is the best we’ve seen him since he came back from being away.  I just wish he had a little more quad sweep.  If he was as conditioned as he was at the NY pro, he might be fighting for the win.

CEDRIC MCMILLAN: We all know his shape – beautiful but he seems to be holding a little bit of water. If he can get just a tad drier he would be crazy… crazy back double biceps pose.This is a better Cedric than last year, he just needs to come in a little drier.

ED NUNN: Typical super tiny waist, but he also seems to be holding just a slight film of water making him a little blurry.  He usually has super striated glutes.  He is a little bigger but I think he sacrificed conditioning for that. Slightly off but still a good showing for him.  He won’t be in top 6 though.  It’s hard when you’re over 40 to bring in that same condition.  Working with Charles Glass did seem to help get a little thicker in the upper body.

BEN PAKULSKI: Known for his big legs and it’s what we’d expect. Big legs, striated glutes.  Back and arms still not up to par, especially his back.  The thickness in it is still lacking. He’s hard though, he’s real hard.

SHAWN RHODEN: Beautiful symmetry, he does look a little bigger. If he could bring his lower back in a little more he’d be totally complete.

FRED SMALLS: Big guy, loos like he got a little bit bigger but he’s a little bit off, especially in the size legs.  He’s holding a little water in the lower half – hamstrings, glutes, he’s a couple of pounds too heavy.

BRANCH WARREN: Better than the Olympia but his waist looks a little wider than it was before. Brought the condition back though. Very grainy. Branch looks good. I didn’t expect him to be that good. His right leg is still way undersize.

DENNIS WOLF: Color is super, huge!, huge flaring quads, in the lineup, dennis stands out in size and shape.  He looks better in the lineup than in the individual.  Shapewise he just stands out. His front double and lat spread look great.

2014 Arnold Classic

2014 Arnold Classic