It’s been 25 years since legendary bodybuilder Lee Labrada last executed his posing skills on a stage, yet the Cuban native’s legacy has continued to grow since then. He’s the founder of Labrada Nutrition, one of the most successful supplement companies on the market, a trainer to rising star Patrick Moore, and the father of Hunter Labrada, who recently won his pro debut at the 2020 IFBB Tampa Pro and will appear in his first Mr. Olympia contest this December.

Lee certainly has his hands full with behind-the-scenes action, yet he clearly still makes time for the gym. He recently uploaded a shot of his quads, and at 60, his wheels are looking better than those of men half his age.

We’re not the only ones who are impressed — the comment section is filled with people, including the legendary Lee Haney, admiring Lee for still looking lean and mean well past his prime.

Lee points out that he’s been weight training for 44 years—ever since he was 16 years old— and to this day eats a clean diet. “I eat as much as I want of clean foods: lots of fish, chicken and dairy, lots of fruits and vegetables, rice, yams and oatmeal, and I try to stick with whole foods,” he writes in the post. “Consistency is the key.”

There’s a popular notion that bodybuilders will look weird and deformed as they grow and their muscles shrink — but Labrada is proof that you can still look jacked well into your golden years. All it takes is proper training and nutrition.

Here are some other shots of Lee still looking toned nearly three decades after his last competition.