Have you ever wondered what you might look like if you didn’t sleep for a week? How about if you also didn’t shower, hiked up and down multiple mountains, and ate a raw egg in that same timeframe? After over 70 hours, the 2019 Summer Death Race came to an end on July 12. The finishers, a mere 18 of the original 72 racers who signed up for the “world’s toughest race,” were a bit worse for wear following over three sleepless days worth of extreme endurance tests. Luckily, Muscle & Fitness snapped portraits of everyone at registration and everyone who finished. Take a look at these before and after finisher photos for a glimpse of what it looks like to survive the Death Race.

The 8-Week Training Plan to Demolish an Obstacle Course Race

The 8-week Training Plan to Demolish an Obstacle C...

Show up totally prepared for your first obstacle course race.

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