Femme Flex Friday host Alina Popa hosted a roundtable discussion with the Top 3 Finishers of the 2020 Bikini Olympia on the February 26th episode. Champion Janet Layug, runner-up Jennifer Dorie, and third-place finisher Etila Santiago all had a lot to share about various topics, including the road to the Olympia, how they plan to improve for 2021, and more. Among the most notable comments was when Layug declared that her dream was a Bikini repeat.

“My dream was to become Ms. Bikini Olympia, but now my dream is to become a two-time Bikini champion. And you know, we haven’t had one in a while. That is my goal, and you guys know me. When I set a goal, I strive for it. I can’t stop and won’t stop.”

Layug on How She Trained and Prepped During Lockdown

“So my gym was closed for a period of time, and I had to train at home in the beginning of my prep, and I had my bands, I was doing a lot of my agility stuff, and I was trying to find as much body resistance [exercises]. I actually don’t have a full gym like many people have things like weights and a cable machine. I don’t have that. So I was really improvising as much as I can. Having to improvise actually really helped me stay engaged because I had to really focus on the mind and muscle connection.”

Santiago on the Olympia Experience and Having Fans in Attendance

“It was fantastic. The stage was the biggest one ever. Janet can probably speak more about the years’ past, but for me, last year to this year, it was fantastic. I had a great experience being on the stage. And I was so glad that we had people there. This year was so crazy. Actually, we almost didn’t have it at all. So I’m glad it happened, and I’m glad that it will stay here.”

Layug on Elisa Pecini Placing sixth at the Olympia

“I love Elisa. I’ve competed with her many times before and traveled the world with her before. As for my opinion, I was really focused on me and what I needed to do. Last year it was only one point between me and Elisa. I was focusing on what I needed to do for the judges to say ‘this is her year’.”

Dorie on What She Plans to Do to Improve for the 2021 Olympia

“My goal is to maintain the balance I have in my physique, and I definitely feel like I can improve my stage presence and posing. So that’s my goal is to improve the stage presence, posing, and bringing a worthy physique to the stage again.”

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