Cutler says he will compete for at least two more years

by Allan Donnelly

April 5, 2008


After he won his first Mr. Olympia in 2006, it was widely believed that Jay Cutler would compete for two more years and retire after – best case scenario – winning his third Sandow. During his Ask The Pros question and answer on the FLEX Forums on Wednesday, Cutler announced his plans had changed, and he will be competing on the Olympia stage in 2009.

When asked if he would retire after the 2008 Olympia, Cutler responded:

“If I win I won’t retire. If I lose I won’t retire.

This will not be my last Olympia. I feel better this year than last year and I’m obligated to continue because I’m traveling less and training more this year. I honestly feel way better than last year at this point. So to answer your question, I’ll be on the Olympia stage in 2009. Win, lose or draw I’ll be there.”

So there you have it. As far as this year’s Olympia, Cutler gave an early prediction on the final posedown:

“Yes I feel I will win and I feel the remaning five will be Dexter Jackson, Phil Heath, Dennis Wolf, Kai Greene. Victor, I don’t know if he’s competing. He will be in there if he does. Melvin could be there, maybe Silvio.”

To see Cutler’s full Ask the Pros interview, including his take on whether or not Victor Martinez will be on the Olympia stage in 2008, go to the ASK MR. OLYMPIA thread on the FLEX Forums.