India Paulino is a chameleon alright. From her soft and sassy sex appeal, to her fast and furious attitude, she loves feeling free and living on the edge. As the 2013 Bikini International Champion she is ready to put the world on notice, that she is hungry for the 2014 Bikini Olympia title.

India, thank you for speaking with us today.

Well, congratulations on winning the PBW Tampa Pro this past weekend. You must be on a complete high, headed for the Olympia. Your package was indeed sexy, classy, and cool. What changes have you been working on to improve your physique, as from looking at the photos, this is one of your best packages to date?

Thank you so much!  My coach and I have worked so hard to figure out the best training for ME to be able to make our vision into a reality. I have brought the muscle in my legs down and have been working on my glutes like crazy. My waist is smaller too. I basically reshaped my physique to fit the look that is wanted now for the bikini division. I can’t thank Shannon Dey enough for helping me achieve this.  As far as the overall look, I‘ve always worn a yellow suit. It was kind of my trademark and after speaking with my managers, J.M Manion and Debbie Manion we decided it would be good to change things up a little bit. They helped me put the look together and I’m so glad it worked. I love it! It fits my personality so well. My posing changed also. My beautiful coach Shannon Dey helped me with that. 

You have really fast tracked to success and I know you have worked damn hard for it! Just two years ago you earned your IFBB Pro Card, and since then you have won 8 IFBB contests. Do you ever just wake up and go, “is this real”…where does your courage and motivation come from? 

Oh yes all of the time. You know it’s funny because this was something I wanted to try, and after I competed in my first show and won, I was hooked. I’m grateful and I thank God everyday for blessing me with all of my success in this sport that I love so much. I am extremely hard on myself and I always have goals. My goals keep me motivated because I’m the type of person that will not stop or quit until I accomplish them. Having the support system that I have motivates me as well. From my family, to my mangers, friends and fans. They all inspire me in some way or another to be the best that I can be. 


What are your three “go to “exercises for bringing that bikini body? Are they “bombshell approved”? 

[Laughs] Yes, they are definitely Bombshell approved. I would say weighted glute bridges, walking lunges and cable kickbacks. It's all about the booty! 

You have made history by holding the 2013 Bikini International title. The Olympia title is anyone’s to win. With you competing against former winners such as Ashley Kaltwasser and Nathalia Melo…what is your strategy to edge your competition out?  

I plan to come in better than I did at the IFBB Tampa Pro. I know what my strengths are and I will use them. This is the biggest most prestigious show in Bodybuilding and I want that title. As a Weider athlete I need to represent. I’m hungry for it, that’s all I’m going to say.

Is it true you were a former Police Officer…as I am sure many would love to have you pull them over? But I hear you have taken a new career path? 

Yes, I was a cop! [Laughs] I was in law enforcement for about 7.5 years and loved every second of it. Due to my success in this sport, I had to make a decision. Being a police officer is a demanding job and with all of the traveling I do, it was hard to manage work, court appearances, etc. I mean the judge doesn’t give a crap that you have to make an appearance at an event, or that you have to travel for 3 weeks for a BSN supplements tour. If you have to be in court or work…then you better be there! Due to all of that, I decided to take a break from it. After all, I can always go back to that – but this amazing opportunity that I am living at the moment may not always be there. 

India…you have the most unique name, what is your background?  

[Laughs] That is such a common question. Well, I’m a big mut is what I am.  I was born in the Dominican Republic but my background includes. You ready for this?  Spanish, French, British, Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern, Sub Saharan African. I’ve got it all. I have a big European and Mediterranean background. 

Tell us about India, the person off stage? I hear you are a girly-girl? 

I’ve never been called a girly-girl, so that was a surprise. I guess maybe when it comes to shopping like a maniac, maybe that’s girly. I’ve always been a tom boy though. My parents wanted a boy and I always tell them “Well you got one, just in a girl's body”. I am an adrenaline junky. I love fast cars! I want a motorcycle so badly, but my friends and family are begging me not to get one. [Groans then laughs] I am very spiritual and I believe energy is everything in this world. It’s all about being free. My faith is everything. I love challenges and I love to have fun! You will always catch me singing and dancing, and of course, laughing my ass off. TWERK! [Laughs] 

Describe a typical day in the life of India.

Usually I’m running around so much that I can’t keep up with myself! [Laughs] I actually have a “A Day in the Life” feature in Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine this month. My days are always different; I travel a lot for BSN Supplements, Team Bombshell and NPC News. I live in Orlando and FT. Lauderdale, FL, so I’m constantly driving back and forth. Right now though, my focus is my Bikini Olympia prep so I’m trying not to travel so much and am just taking it easy. I wake up, do cardio, work (I work from home for Bombshell Fitness), hang out with my doggy, practice pole dance, go back to the gym…nothing too exciting at the moment. I’m focused!

What advice do you have for those up-and-coming competitors who are trying to get their name out there? 

Be you. Don’t try to be somebody else because it won’t impress anyone. Be patient, have fun, and enjoy your entire journey. COMPETE! The NPC is the biggest and the best bodybuilding organization with hundreds of shows. Get out there and show them what you got! Visit NPCNEWSONLINE.COM for show schedules and other great info. 

Where can we find you online?

Facebook: Facebook/IndiaPaulino

Instagram: @IndiaPaulino

Twitter: @IndiaPaulino


Okay now let’s get up close and personal with you India…the fans want to know!

I am happiest when:

I listen to music! Music is life!

If I have to pick one: money, love or success:

I’m going to be a rebel and say I’d rather have Peace.

My favorite hobbies are:

Pole dancing, shooting guns or messing around with different weapons and hanging with my babies (dogs).


Something interesting people don’t know about me is:

I went to circus school for little bit.  No, I didn’t want to join the circus, I just wanted to learn silks and some other cool things that circus people do. 

My biggest pet peeve is:

People talking to me at the gym when I’m in my last few weeks of prepping for a show.  GET AWAY!!

When I grow up I want to be:

A Ninja! 

Thank you, India. We look forward to seeing you on stage.FLEX 

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2014

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2014