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IFBB Pro Keith Williams turned professional bodybuilder at the 2012 Team Universe by winning the Masters Men Heavyweight Class as well as the Over 35 Overall. Having always been on the cusp of turning pro, Williams wasted no time in getting onto the pro stage. He competed 3 times in 2012:
– 2012 PBW Tampa Championships IFBB Pro Men (10th)
– 2012 Europa SuperShow IFBB Pro Men (14th)
– 2012 Nordic Pro Championships IFBB Pro Men (9th)

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By taking a little time off to relax and recharge, Williams has added a considerable amount of mass to a few lagging parts. He came into the 2013 New York Pro hard as nails but was off just a bit. In what was probably the most competitive New York Pro in history, Williams finished a respectable 8th place, ahead of Demetriou, Zayas, Nguyen and even the former winner, Cedric McMillan.

Since May, Williams has been back home in Minnesota concentrating his efforts on the Chicago Pro. At one month out, he's ready and confident that a better physique will step on stage July 6th in Tinley Park for the 2013 Chicago Pro Wings of Strength.

IFBB Pro Keith Williams Weeks from New York Pro Training Video

IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro 2013

IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro 2013