Today's New York Pro show has the distinction of being the largest one in IFBB history, with 134 competitors in Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure and Bikini. The results were a surprise to some, yet predicted by others as Mamdouh Elssiaby, Jose Raymond, Candice Keene, Yeshaira Robles, Juliana Malacarne and Sadik Hadzovik won their respective divisions here in Tribeca, New York.

In the Men Open Class, many of us held out hope for Victor Martinez as he stepped back on stage after taking some time away from training and also nursed an arm injury. There was also talk of Cedric McMillan rallying for the title the second year in a row after some bad luck down in Brazil earlier this season. Alas, no one saw the Egyptian mass monster coming by way of Kuwait. Who would have thought a man weighing over 288 lbs could step on stage full, conditioned and sporting an 8-pack? Elssbiay aka 'Big Ramy' easily walked away with his first professional win. The icing on the cake was that shortly before Big Ramy's win, his wife had just given birth to a little girl.

Special shout out to IFBB Pro Juan Morel who gave 110% for this competition. Hometown favorite Delarosa came in the biggest ever looking relaxed and comfortable on the night of what had to be the toughest competition yet of his career. Clarence DeVis jumped up from the 212 class to compete with the big boys. One of the shortest in the open class, this new found Giant Killer managed to break the top 5 with a massive frame and full muscle bellies.

The surprise of the day came in the form of Jose Raymond's last minute entry. Almost as surprising was Kevin English's no show. In an intense competition, Jose Raymond prevailed over the aesthetic Sami Alhaddad and Mark Dugdale.

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1. Mamdouh Elssbiay
2. Victor Martinez
3. Juan Morel
4. Jonathan Delarosa
5. Clarence DeVis
6. Anthoneil Champagnie
7. Marcus Haley
8. Keith Williams
9. Constantinos Demetriou
10. Pablo Ayala
11. An Nguyen
12. Cedric McMillan
13. Daniel Toth
14. Antoine Valliant
15. Dainius Barzinskas
15. Dalibor Hajek
15. Jeff Beckham
15. Mike Johnson
15. Zaher Moukahal
Alfonso Del Rio


1. Candice Keene
2. Swann Cardot
3. Nicole Wilkins
4. Rebecca Vera
5. Monica Specking
6. Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz
7. Andrea Cantone
8. Corinna Booth
9. Patty Zariello
10. Lauren Cascio
11. Rebecca Schubeck
12. Melanise Pettee
13. Katerina Tarbox
14. Amy Puglise
15. Kenyatta Jones-Arietta
16. Cinderella Richardson
16. Elvimar Sanchez
16. Marcy Porter
16. Michelle DeRosa
16. Shelly Albetta
16. Tiani Norman
16. Tissilli Rogers


1. Yeshaira Robles
2. Ashley Kaltwasser
3. Lindsey Waters
4. Yarelis Gonzalez
5. Ashley Cronley LeBlanc
6. Dayna Maleton
7. Ashley Wade
8. Gigi Amurao
9. Maria Annunziata
10. Leigh Brandt
11. Francesca Yumul
12. Nikola Weiterova
13. Anna Starodubtseva
14. Meredith Long
15. Anna Lee Van Hatten
16. Andrea Hertlein
16. Cecile Palacios
16. Cynthia Benoit
16. Danielle Carr
16. Janet Harding
16. Nathalie Mur
16. Tabitha Klausen


1. Sadik Hadzovic
2. Anton Antipov
3. Matthew Acton
4. Craig Capurso
5. William Sullivan
6. Sean Sapera
7. Vincent Fiore
8. Jake Routt
9. Jonathan Cetera
10. Keenon LeBlanc
11. Dean Fazzolari
12. David Herskovitz
13. Ian Lauer
14. Michael Ferguson
15. Donta Tanner
16. Corey Hammac
16. Cory Lagasse
16. Craig Franczyk
16. Karl Biermann
16. Russell Waheed
16. Ryan Hughes


1. Jose Raymond
2. Sami Alhaddad
3. Mark Dugdale
4. Aaron Clark
5. Marco Rivera
6. Al Auguste
7. Branden Ray
8. Darron Glenn
9. Mboya Edwards
10. Charles Dixon
11. Raul Carrasco
12. Manuel Manchado
13. Jamal Ahmed Elmadawy
14. Jason Arntz
15. Greg Doucette
16. Angel Vargas
16. Gianluca Catapano
16. Joe Vu
16. Thomas Benagli
16. Vincente Santamaria Martinez
16. Vinny Galanti


1. Juliana Malacarne
2. Karina Nascimento
3. Toni West
4. Joele Smith
5. Teresita Morales
6. Nathalie Foreau
7. Jillian Reville
8. Jill Rudison
9. Sheilahe Brown
10. Jennie Verdi
11. Melissa DiBernardo
12. Jen Ann Louwagie
13. Sandra Lombardo
14. Cynthia Colon
15. Nathalie Falk
16. Alecia Marie Rankovic
16. Antonia Perdikakis
16. Asha Hadley
16. Carmen Knights
16. Frances Mendez
16. Gina Quinn
16. Gloria Faulls
16. Jane Santos
16. Kathy Unger
16. Michelle Krack
16. Sarah Bridges
16. Sheena Ohlig
16. Stacy Simons McDowell
16. Vallerie Paul


IFBB New York Pro 2013

IFBB New York Pro 2013