Videos of the 2008 NPC Steel World, featuring contest footage and Toney Freeman guest posing

by Allan Donnelly

June 6, 2008


The X-Man returned last weekend. And he looked bigger than ever.

Toney Freeman made a guest posing appearance at the 2008 NPC Steel World Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships in Mobile, Alabama on May 31. Freeman is weighing around 300 pounds in the video.

Freeman has been laying relatively low since returning from New Zealand in March, when he placed third at the New Zealand Pro behind Dexter Jackson and Melvin Anthony to lock up another Olympia qualification.

Freeman originally planned on competing in nearly every contest on the 2008 schedule, but after returning from Australia and New Zealand he altered those plans.

“Going over there took a toll on me in a way you can’t really forsee,” Freeman said. “When I got home I was really fatigued for like three weeks.”

Freeman is now debating on whether or not to enter the Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships in Tampa, Florida on August 9 and the Europa Super Show on August 15-16. One thing is certain, though: Freeman will enter the Atlantic City Pro on September 12-13 before heading to Vegas for the 2008 Olympia.

“I spent two weeks [training] with Dexter and a week with Kai Greene over in Kuwaiit,” Freeman said. “I know my weaknesses, so I think I know what I need and learned what I need to do. Now it’s just time to execute. I want to come on stage with completely shredded glutes and tighten up some of the areas that have been lacking. I’ve been working on improving my upper back thickness and of course bringing up the arms. Just another year of muscle maturity. When I came back to the sport I said it was going to take five years to get where I wanted to be, and it’s right on five years now.”