We’re down to four…

September 18, 2009


Three rounds and still no upsets! The seedings held true once again in our Online Olympia Madness Tournament, as each of the top four seeds advanced to the semifinals of the single-elimination tournament … proving we actually do know what we’re talking about. But the quarterfinals weren’t without some toocloseforcomfort calls.

Headlining that list: fourth-seeded Kai Greene vs fifth-seeded Dennis Wolf.

In what should be one of the more interesting comparisons of the show, our voters had Greene slipping past Wolf by less than 3% of votes.

In our second-closest matchup, Jay Cutler ousted Victor Martinez in a rematch of the top two from the 2007 Olympia, Cutler’s second win. The results were:

(1) Dexter Jackson vs (8) Toney Freeman
Dexter Jackson (76.74%)
Toney Freeman (23.26%)

(2) Phil Heath vs (7) Branch Warren
Phil Heath (82.67%)
Branch Warren (17.33%)

(3) Jay Cutler vs (6) Victor Martinez
Jay Cutler (60.17%)
Victor Martinez (39.83%)

(4) Kai Greene vs (5) Dennis Wolf
Kai Greene (51.12%)
Dennis Wolf (48.88%)

So, that leaves us with four. Vote this weekend, then check back on Monday for the finals matchup!


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