The super heavy weight class in the National Physique Committee has had a strong showing in pro qualifiers for the past couple of years and the 2012 USA Championships in Las Vegas, NV looks to be no exception. One man who looks to have his name thrown into the race for a pro card in the Super Heavyweight class is Mike Weitzman.

Hailing from Victorville, California and a athlete (supplement line started by Dante Trudel) Weitzman stands at 5’8” at over 230 pounds and is eager to step onstage at the USA’s and take his chance at the national level and be mentioned with names like Max Charles, Kevin Jordan and Dusty Hanshaw. The 36 year old came into the sport of bodybuilding by playing sports in high school.

“ I was a heavy set kid and I started wrestling and the fat just came off,” he said. Wietzman continued wrestling and eventually picked up football and in 1994 while still a teenager he decided to compete in a teen bodybuilding competition.

“A local guy told me about a local show that was going on and I entered,” he said. Weitzman competed four times as a teenager but left the sport shortly thereafter. He said he still trained but had no thoughts of competing until he saw his friend compete in  2009.                                                                 

“I saw him compete on Saturday and that Monday I started dieting for the Los Angeles Bodybuilding Championships,” he said. Weitzman took sixth place in the open, third place in the novice and admitted he had no concept of contest prep after being away from the stage. Weitzman was bent on redeeming himself and set out on an aggressive preparation schedule.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

“I told my wife I needed a do over so I did research on contest prep and did the Tournament of Champions in November, the San Francisco Bodybuilding Championships and the Border States,” he said.

He placed third in the open at the Tournament of Champions, third in the open and won the novice at the San Francisco and placed second in the open at the Border States. Weitzman came back the next year and did the same shows and won his class at all three shows and missed the overall by one point at the Tournament of Champions and the San Francisco Overall.

With some wins under his belt, Weitzman is looking to make a name for himself on the national scene by showing up in a competitive super heavyweight class.

“I tell people I’m too big to be a heavy and too small to be a super,” he said laughing adding that he would like to compete as a super no matter what.

Weitzman said that he is able to pack a large amount of muscle on his frame by sticking with basic exercises and the use of intensity techniques such as rest pause and drop sets and he uses these techniques to train to failure.

While this may be his first national show, Weitzman is going into Vegas with a solid support system consisting of his wife Stephanie, friends, family and his close confidant, Dante Trudel. When asked why he doesn’t speak about himself in grandiose fashion,

“I’m just not into talking about myself,” he said.