IFBB Pro and Weider/AMI Athlete Roelly Winklaar is making a run at 2013 without Gramma. Looking to force some changes, Winklaar is taking a chance by training in the Bahama Island of Curacao instead of the Netherlands as well as without Sibil Peeters.

Looking thicker and fuller, it looks like Roelly Winklaar is on the right track to cause some serious damage.

Roelly Winklaar- 4 weeks out from the 2013 Chicago pro

Here are some questions we threw at Roelly Winklaar:

What did you learn over the course of the last contest season?
I need to pose better. Presentation in bodybuilding is key, and I will be working hard to improve my presentation to make it something spectacular. I also learned that I can’t get too far out of shape in the off-season. I need to maintain a pretty tight condition and, while I have never been one to get extremely out of shape, I can do better in managing my off-season. One of the things Sibil [Peeters] and I are working on is to try and present the conditioning we had in Dallas and Finland, with more fullness. All last year, at many of the shows, we listened to what other people said, and each time we received different advice. This time we are going with what we feel we need to do to make an impact. I will say, however, that what Dennis James told me was very valuable to me ,and I want to thank him for that.

What are you doing for rest now?
Right now I’m spending tons of time with my children. With all the time I spend apart from them, they deserve the time back from their dad. My friends, too, as they’ve been there for me through thick and thin. Some much needed food and company will be needed with them. I didn’t spend too much time lounging around. I had seminars and guest posings in Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. I didn’t take a long rest from the gym. I don’t like taking too much time off, as the fat likes to magically appear on my body (at least I would like to think like that.) Plus, the Chicago Pro is in July, so I refuse to rest while my competition is making the most of their off-season.

Have you been eating and training normally since the Olympia?
After the Olympia, I had what I wanted for 2 ½ weeks, just to let my body recover a bit, and then by Week 3 I was back to clean eating. I like junk as much as the next guy, but I don’t like the way my body feels when I have it all the time. So I was happy to get back to eating clean.

For a while I was just training light. I have to bring my legs and back up to Superman levels, and that is only going to come through heavy training. By the time you read this I should be back full bore into training, making my improvements for the Chicago Pro. Good thing is that my body fat is low, and I don’t need to do too much cardio. If I do, my legs get very flat.

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IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro 2013

IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro 2013