2007 Olympia Weekend Mens Competitor List and Gallery Links

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SEPTEMBER 28: In what is shaping up to be one of the most wide open Olympias in years, after the Friday prejudging at the Orleans Arena, it looks like we’re going to have to wait another day to see who is going to walk home with bodybuilding’s ultimate crown.

The top two should be – and most likely will be – reigning Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and Victor Martinez, with eight-time Ronnie Coleman battling for a spot in the top four. Cutler was clearly the biggest competitor among the upper-echelon competitors, but failed to show up in razor-sharp condition. That, combined with the fact that Martinez came to Vegas in amazing form, should make tomorrow night’s finals a very tough battle for the Sandow trophy.

Coleman, who decided to return in 2007 after placing second to Cutler last year, was far from the dominant champion who won eight consecutive Olympias from 1998-2005, and could drop as low as fourth or fifth in the lineup, behind Dexter Jackson and possibly even Melvin Anthony. Anthony was in much better shape than he was two weeks ago at the Atlantic City Pro, but still wasn’t as dialed in as several other competitors who appeared to have the edge in terms of conditioning.

Dennis Wolf, Gustavo Badell, David Henry, Johnnie Jackson, Silvio Samuel Hidetada Yamagishi and Ronny Rockel will be fighting for spots in the top 10, with Wolf the most likely candidate to crack the top six based on his superior lines and structure, even though he seemed to fade as prejudging wore on. Wolf was dominant in some poses but suffered in others.

Back at the top of the order, Cutler is fighting to prove he is more than a one-hit wonder. As to whether he is chasing Martinez after years of chasing Coleman, that remains to be seen.

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Full video of the Mr Olympia availbale at http://www.ifbbtv.com

1) Dennis Wolf
2) David Henry
3) Melvin Anthony Jr.
4) Mark Dugdale
5) Dexter Jackson
6) Sergey Shelestov
7) Quincy Taylor
8) Hidetada Yamagishi
9) Victor Martinez
10) Darrem Charles
11) Bill Wilmore
12) Ronny Rockel
13) Eddie Abbew
14) Gustavo Badell
15) Johnnie Jackson
16) Toney Freeman
17) Vince Taylor
18) Markus Ruhl
19) Silvio Samuel
20) Francisco “Paco” Bautista
21) Marcus Haley
22) Ronnie Coleman
23) Will Harris
24) Jay Cutler

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