2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Men's Bodybuilding 212 Top 6 Play by Play
By Angelica Nebbia (byline) & Fakhri Mubarak (play by play)

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A quality lineup of Men's 212 Bodybuilding competitors took to the stage for prejudging this morning at the 2013 Toronto Pro.  After the initial assessments, head judge Steve Weinberger stated 6 competitor names into the microphone for first call out – Allan Auguste, Raul Carracci, Mark Dugdale, Mboya Edwards, Fernando Noronha Almeida, and last but certainly not least, Jose RaymondJose Raymond and Raul Carracci were positioned in the center, with Mboya Edwards and Mark Dugdale to their left and right, followed by Allan Auguste and Fernando Noronha Almeida on the far left and right respectively.

#22 Allan Auguste – Al has good symmetry and good proportions.  His conditioning could be a little drier but he should definitely be a top 5 contender.

#26 Raul Carracci – Raul is a good competitor who always places well.  Today he's in good shape.  His glutes and legs are separated.  This is the best I've seen him.  He did a good job with his prep for this show.

#30 Mark Dugdale – Mark looks much better than last week at the NY Pro.  This is actually the best that I've seen him.  He's hard, shredded…one of the best looks on stage.  So far he looks like he should be a top 3 guy.

#31 Mboya Edwards – Mboya has a small waist and small bones with really big muscle bellies.  His conditioning is good.  He's a big 212 competitor.

#38 Fernando Noronha Almeida – Fernando has good conditioning and is holding his own with his size compared to the other guys.  He could be a little drier from the back.  I've seen him a little better than this but he could be top 6.

#39 Jose Raymond – Yup, that's the winner right there!  Jose looks very good.  He was a little bit harder last week but he looks real good.  Very thick.  Typical Jose – good conditioning, hard, thick, and really good from the back.

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