The 2022 NPC Valley of the Sun competition was held on Saturday, April 9th at the Rawhide Western Town and Event Center in Chandler, Arizona. Athletes from nine different NPC divisions faced the judges with hopes of placing first and qualifying for one of the national level shows later this year. Among the winners was Bailey Anderson in the Bikini division, who competed in this contest for the second time. She won the Class A division, but didn’t take the overall title. Nonetheless, she enjoyed the experience enough that she came back for another shot at winning.

Female bikini competitor Bailey Anderson in her competition outfit
Wings of Strength

“I did this show last year. It was my favorite show that I did,” Anderson said. She also shared that she knew last year’s winner, and she wanted to follow in her footsteps.

“My teammate [Kaise Rodriguez] won it last year, and it’s really nice bring it home again this year. I’m excited.”

Bailey Anderson worked with coach Ashlyn Little of Fit Body Fusion for this prep, and she shared an adjustment that she felt helped her improve from the 2021 contest to this year’s show.

“We had an improvement season together, and it was our first official one,” she told interviewer Isabelle Turell. “We ate some good food, lifted some heavy weights, and put on the size that the judges asked for, and here we are.”

Anderson is in her third year competing in the NPC. She won the True Novice Class B of the 2020 NPC Sin City Showdown, and she placed first in the Novice Class A at the 2021 NPC Arizona Open. She competed on the national stage for the first time at the 2021 NPC USA’s, and she plans to return to a national show so she could potentially earn her IFBB Pro League card.

“I’m going to do Junior USA, then the Universe, USA, and North American’s,” she announced. “If I do North American’s, that will be my last one because I’m getting married in November.”

You can see the replay of the Valley of the Sun on Muscle & Fitness Plus.

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