I had an opportunity to interview Clarence via email in order to find out a little more about this bodybuilder from Belgium. Often referred to as Europe's Kai Greene, DeVis is a compact bodybuilder with huge muscle bellies and small joints that combined give the illusion of a bigger than life athlete.

Interview with Clarence DeVis

[[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”wysiwyg”,”fid”:”103778″,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Interview with Belgium and IFBB Pro Clarence DeVis“,”class”:”media-image media-image-right”,”style”:”width: 390px; height: 500px; float: right; margin: 5px;”,”title”:””,”typeof”:”foaf:Image”}}]]When and where were you born?

I was born in Belgium on 01/08/1980

Why did you start bodybuilding?

I started bodybuilding because I saw Flex Magazine in the local shops with Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman in it. After seeing Ronnie, I had the dream of becoming a bodybuilder and so I started that journey August 25, 1999.

Did you play sports before bodybuilding?

Yes, I played football, or what you Americans call soccer! I also did martial arts, specifically the Pencak Silat style of self defense.

Do you have family? Are you married? Children?

Yes I’m married but don’t have kids right now. Hopefully that will happen in the next few years if I place well at my upcoming shows and get a sponsor.

Do you have a workout partner or do you train alone?

Yes, my workout partner is Paolo Francis, who has been such a big help. He’s a great man and my best friend.

You work with Fakhri Mubarak. Why did you choose him and how has your preparation been?

Fakhri says I have the potential to beat everybody on stage, but I need to get impressively shredded and tight in order to do that. I’m ok with suffering as long as I come in at 100% for the 2013 New York Pro.  This has been my dream and I’m hoping God helps me this year.

What is your favorite thing about bodybuilding?

Training hard and of course eating!

Who is your biggest influence in bodybuilding?

Definitely Ronnie Coleman.

What is your goal for this year?

I want to come in no less than 100%. I want to surprise and destroy a lot of IFBB bodybuilders in New York. My dream is to win. I want to push up my name in the ranks and compete in the Mr. Olympia. I’ve given my all for this contest. I hope Fakhri and I will show everyone that I’ve done the best job possible.

IFBB New York Pro 2013

IFBB New York Pro 2013