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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       March 8, 2012


Winners Announced for Sixth Annual Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding,

Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Men’s Physique Championships


Columbus, Ohio – About 600 of the top amateur competitors from around the world and USA competed in the Arnold Amateur IFBB International Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Men’s Physique Championships at Veterans Memorial Auditorium and the Greater Columbus Convention Center March 1-4 as a part of the Arnold Sports Festival.

Overall winners in each division include:

  • Men’s Bodybuilding Stefan Havlik of Slovakia
  • Men’s Classic Bodybuilding – Alessandro Galli of Italy
  • Women’s Bodybuilding – Olga Puzanova of Russia
  • Fitness Melinda Szabo of Hungary
  • Figure Olga Gallardo of Mexico
  • Figure Masters – Nina-Marie Richter of South Africa
  • Bikini Ashley Kaltwasser of USA
  • Men’s Physique – Josh Bowmar of USA


“Athletes represented 50 different countries this year making it one of the biggest international events of its kind,” said Bob Lorimer, owner of MetroFitness Gyms and the events co-producer with the Fitness Factory’s Mike Davies.   “We are fortunate to collaborate with such fantastic partners like Rafael Santonja, President of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Jim Manion, President of the Nation Physique Committee who help us bring together so many talented competitors,” Lorimer added.


Overall winners at the Arnold Amateur contest in men’s bodybuilding, women’s bodybuilding, fitness, figure and bikini divisions may petition their national federations for pro status in the IFBB Professional League.  Arnold Amateur winners who earn Pro cards will be invited to compete in a future Arnold Classic, Ms. International, Figure International, Fitness International or Bikini International.


Overall winners received an Arnold VIP ticket package and were recognized on stage with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Overall winners were also recognized at the sponsor luncheon and at the Arnold Morning Weekend Review.


The winner of each weight or height class received a Tony Nowak Arnold Classic jacket.  The top five competitors in each weight or height class received trophies.  All competitors received a sponsor gift bag, 3-day admission to the Arnold Fitness EXPO and tickets to the Arnold Fitness Training Seminar.






The top five competitors are listed for each division and weight class.  For a complete listing of competitors, they’re numbers and how they placed, see the official score sheet.


Overall Amateur Men’s Bodybuilding winner:  Stefan Havlik of Slovakia


Other winners of the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding Men’s competition include:


  • Lightweight, up to 70kg: 1st Nazin Ilya, Russia; 2nd Lee Lap Chi, Hong Kong; 3rd Jose Carlos Sousa Santos, Brazil; 4th Luciano Karim, Brazil; 5th Lin Shu Qing, Hong Kong.

  • Welterweight, up to 75kg: 1st Roman Cortuna, Philippines; 2nd Francisco De Assis, Brazil; 3rd Bader Ebrahim Sultan, Bahrain; 4th Javier Martin De La Cruz Miranda, Peru; 5th Kevin Gan, Philippines.


  • Light Middleweight, up to 80kg: 1st Mahmut Irmak, Turkey; 2nd Luiz Carlos Sarmento, Brazil; 3rd Chris Jones, United Kingdom; 4th Masahi Suzuki, Japan; 5th Hernan Dario Alvarez Lugo, Venezuela.


  • Middleweight, up to 85kg: 1st Charles Mario Soares, Brazil; 2nd Cengizhan Igdir, Turkey; 3rd Esequiel Alves Conceicao, Brazil; 4th Ahmed Osman Raslan Al Zayat, Egypt; 5th Mark Grech, Australia.


  • Light Heavyweight, up to 90kg: 1st Jose Angel Bustamante, Venezuela; 2nd Brian Hart, USA; 3rd Jon Griffith, United Kingdom; 4th Tony Searle, Canada; 5th Abdullah Mubarak Hemdan Al Rahby, Oman.


  • Heavyweight, up to 100kg: 1st Stefan Havlik, Slovakia; 2nd Oleksandr Slobodyanyuk, Ukraine; 3rd Miha Zupan, Slovenia; 4th Igor Vybornov, Russia; 5th Fontana Paolo, Italy.


  • Super Heavyweight, over 100kg: 1st Dalibor Hajek, Czech Republic; 2nd Aliaksei Shabunia, Belarus; 3rd Daniel Toth, Hungary; 4th Sergey Bazarov, Russia; 5th David Titterton, United Kingdom.

Overall Arnold Amateur Men’s Classic Bodybuilding winner:  Alessandro Galli of Italy


Other winners of the Arnold Amateur Men’s Classic Bodybuilding competition include:


  • Up to 175cm: 1st Dmitry Yashankin, Russia; 2nd Aleksander Barbashin, Russia; 3rd Damian Witkowski, Poland; 4th Bobby Khan, United Kingdom; 5th Marcello Rafaelli, Brazil.

  • Up to 180cm: 1st Alessandro Galli, Italy; 2nd Michal Sitter, Czech Republic; 3rd Aleksei Shaev, Russia; 4th Oleksandr Kyslyi, Ukraine; 5th Denis Maleev, Russia.


  • Over 180cm: 1st Gerardo Samaniego, Paraguay; 2nd Amando Xavier Moura, Brazil; 3rd Luiz Vinicius Exaltacao, Brazil; 4th Takis Venios, Australia; 5th Roberto Andre De Meirelles, Brazil.







Overall Amateur Women’s Bodybuilding winner:  Olga Puzanova of Russia


Other winners of the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding Women’s competition include:


  • Lightweight, up to 55kg: 1st Lo Kit Ming, China; 2nd Wanda Keeler, USA; 3rd Christine Zadel, Australia.

  • Heavyweight, over 55kg: 1st Olga Puzanova, Russia; 2nd Gastaldi Federica, Italy; 3rd Bento De Souza Gianni, Brazil; 4th Maria Rita Penteado, USA; 5th Maureen Donlevy Clary, USA.



Overall Amateur Fitness winner:  Melinda Szabo of Hungary


Other winners of the Arnold Amateur Fitness Championship include:


  • Over 163cm: 1st Marta Aguiar, Uruguay; 2nd Fiona Harris, Canada; 3rd Olga Guryeva, Russia; 4th Rebecca Clem, USA; 5th Shannon Gill, USA.



Overall Amateur Figure winner:  Olga Gallardo of Mexico


Other winners of the Arnold Amateur Figure Championship include:


  • Class A, up to 155cm: 1st Jacqueline Thomas, USA; 2nd Nelu Millican, USA; 3rd Amber Miles, USA; 4th Kerlande Martial, USA; 5th Mary Carriedo, Canada.

  • Class B up to 159cm: 1st Iara Vieira, Brazil; 2nd Kelly Booth-Hater, USA; 3rd Kris Lynn Smith, USA; 4th Sandra Tacza Zapata, Peru; 5th Katie Noval, USA.


  • Class C, up to 163cm: 1st Olga Gallardo, Mexico; 2nd Zory Garasimchuk, USA; 3rd Bruna de Costa Miyagui, Brazil; 4th Jyl Marie Stoltenberg, USA; 5th Tia Borbely, USA.


  • Class D, up to 167cm: 1st Stephanie Matthews, USA; 2nd Danielle Ferreira, USA; 3rd Susann Cardot, USA; 4th Teagan Posey-Benson, USA; 5th Jessie Hilgenberg, USA.


  • Class E, up to 170cm: 1st Alessandra Barata, Brazil; 2nd Allison Moyer, USA; 3rd Meni Moskowski, USA; 4th Samantha Dunbar, Australia; 5th Caroline Zawadski, Brazil.


  • Class F, over 170cm: Tia Trent, USA; 2nd Viavra Centeno; 3rd Kelsey Boe, USA; 4th Tina Anderson, USA; 5th Dawn Bailey, USA.











Overall Amateur Figure Masters winner: Nina-Marie Richter of South Africa


Other winners of the Arnold Amateur Figure Masters Championship include:


  • Short Class: Lynn Nichols, USA; 2nd Marli Rodrigues; 3rd Tracy Grogg, USA; 4th Angie Morales, USA; 5th Nicole Wilkenfeld, USA.

  • Medium Class: 1st Tiffany Karnig, USA; 2nd Brenda Lauver, USA; 3rd Lenora Angels, USA, 4th Yvonne Melendrez, USA; 5th Viviana Smerilli, USA.


  • Tall Class: 1st Nina-Marie Richter, South Africa; 2nd Emi Perez, Spain; 3rd Yolanda Slaughter, USA; 4th Valerie Richman, Canada; 5th Sheila Salinas, USA.

Overall Amateur Bikini winner: Ashley Kaltwasser of USA


Other winners of the Arnold Amateur Bikini Championships include:



  • Class C, up to 163cm: 1st Catherine Textoris, USA; 2nd Oksana Pavlova, Ukraine, 3rd Jessica De Francesca, USA; 4th Midori Rutledge, Canada; 5th Martine Gauthier, Canada.


  • Class D, up to 167cm: 1st Ashley Kaltwasser, USA; 2nd Marcia Goncales, Brazil; 3rd Carrie Hensman, Canada; 4th Magret Edda Gnarr, Iceland; 5th Holly Barker, Canada.


  • Class E, up to 170cm: 1st Nikola Weiterova, Slovakia; 2nd Olga Svyrdova, USA; 3rd Magnea Gunnarsdottir, Iceland; 4thRita Catolino, Canada; 5th Laura Markle, USA.




Overall Men’s Physique winner: Josh Bowmar of USA


Other winners of the Arnold Men’s Physique Championships include:


  • Tall Class: 1st Josh Bowmar, USA; 2nd Alberto Umana, USA; 3rd Mike Pulley, USA; 4th William Robbins, USA; 5th Christopher Robinson, USA.








The Arnold Sports Festival features 45 sports and events, 11 Olympic sports, 18,000 competitors, and more than 180,000 spectators.


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