In this video Rich Gaspari challenges his mentor Lee Haney for the Olympia title, but Lee Hany holds on for another successful win.

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A month after his 20th birthday, Gaspari won the NPC Junior Nationals in Union, New Jersey. A year later, in 1984, he won the light-heavyweight class at the NPC Nationals and a week after that qualified to become an IFBB pro by winning the IFBB World Amateur Championships in Las Vegas.

Gaspari redefined the sport with his shredded and full condition. At his first Mr. Olympia, in 1985, he finished third, and for the next three years, he was the runner-up to Lee Haney. Gaspari’s determination knew no limits and it could be argued that he rose as high as anyone could, given his genetics, which were reminiscent of Larry Scott in his early years.

1986 Olympia Showdown Lee Haney Vs. Rich Gaspari
IFBB Olympia Weekend 2013

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2013