Women physique wrtite

As another physique show ended, the competitors to this new class received yet another indication of what “look” the judges want.

The top 6 called out were: Nicole Ball, Michelle Blank, Debbie Barrable-Leung, CeAnna Kerr, Janessa Roy and Kim Tilden. The Canadians dominated here in the top 3. Surprisingly out of the top 3 was ex-Bodybuilder Nicole Ball, who trimmed down her physique after a 7th place finish at the Olympia.

Michelle Blank, who had been a top Fitness Pro before she was sidelined with a calf injury, had the best routine on stage, doing the splits and showcasing her dance skills. However she was definitely the softest of the top 6. CeeAnna, an ex Figure Pro one of the smaller competitors, had a great back, tight lean (but not striated) legs and a little definition in her hamstrings. Her first place finish was well deserved.

Blast from the past competitor Rhonda Lee Quaresma showed up with good legs and a great posing routine. Also presenting an entertaining routine with matching “dominatrix” themed costume was Marina Lopez, who seems to compete in every single Physique show.

Overall the posing could be improved, as the women figure out ways to adapt the mandatory poses to their own style.